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Spurs vs. Heat - Fraternizing with the Enemy: Skill and Luck

Let the fraternizing continue!

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Besides the first round, I've been Fraternizing with our "enemies" through the playoffs. Dave of Blazers Edge and I had our epic exchanges even if the Portland series didn't live up to expectations. J.A. Sherman's Thunder gave the Spurs a scare by evening up the series and we had a blast covering every ebb and flow of that classic matchup. But now it's time to turn to the Miami Heat, which means a conversation with the guys over at the excellent Hot Hot Hoops. Here's the first exchange I did with Surya Fernandez. The second was with David Ramil, and here's the third. Enjoy.


Game 3 saw the historic performance by the Spurs offense, and Kawhi Leonard's fashionably-late arrival to the NBA Finals. The Heat didn't play poorly, as they shot over 50% from the field. But they turned the ball over quite frequently and couldn't keep San Antonio out of the paint. How will LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Erik Spoelstra respond tonight?