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J.R. Wilco talks Spurs vs Heat on the Phil Naessens Show

It's Finals time, and the discussion centers around Game 2 and Game 3, with just enough time left over to mark the one year anniversary of JRW's first appearance on Phil's show.

Chris Trotman

It's so much fun to talk to Phil after a win. And Game 3 was more than just any old win. With all of the records set and broken, it was as much of a Guinness Book of World Records convention as it was a basketball game. Which means that there was plenty to talk over with Mr. Naessens, who continues to offer the Spurs the highest praise he can offer -- a comparison to his favorite team of all time.

We also discuss the loss in Game 2. The Elbow Incident, the Missed Free Throws. And then it's back to more feel-good stuff digging into the way that the Spurs generated all of those open looks, and what the Miami Heat might do to counter in Game 4. Finally, there's a quick reference about the prediction I made on Tuesday morning before Game 3's blowout win.

It's a great listen

Also appearing chatting with Phil are David Ramil from Hot Hot Hoops where Phil explains the Danny Green "scrub" thing and Tom Lewis from Indy Cornrows and Phil share their opinions about the series from their own perspective. You can listen below or download the show from Phil's site here