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GIF Breakdown: NBA Finals Game 3 - Spurs at Heat

As you've no doubt heard by now, the Spurs were simply unstoppable in the first half of Tuesday night's game. Let's take a look at some of the plays that stood out during a game that had no shortage of highlight worthy plays.

Chris Trotman

Danny Green was outstanding in the contest, coming up with five steals, playing solid defense, scoring off the dribble, and even leading the break we see here. Check out Danny take it right at Chris Bosh, adjust his shot mid-air and finish like it's no big deal. Danny is playing with a lot of confidence, and is clearly focused on not letting this one get away.


Kawhi Leonard scored 16 glorious first quarter points. These are his last three and they come off of an excellent bounce pass from Patty Mills. It was a great team victory for the Spurs, but Kawhi definitely stood out as he played one heck of a ballgame.


Here's my man Boris Diaw using his variety of moves to get reverse layup to go out of a post possession. He takes a dribble, spins to back Rashard Lewis down, changes his mind and spins back to the baseline, improves his position, goes back-to-the-basket for a couple more dribbles, then drives under the basket and pops out on the other side for the reverse. Bravo, Bobo.


Kawhi looked for his shot in this game, and here he doesn't hesitate to go right into a three-point shot in transition. Excellent.


Kawhi was so hot in this one that even this ridiculous flip-shot after drawing a foul seemed like it would go in when it happened. Watch Leonard, he gives a little hop after the ball drops. That's quite a reaction for Stone Buddha In Training.


Six passes, every Spur on the floor  touches it, good movement - ball and player, and a brilliant cut from Manu Ginobili ends in two points for the good guys in what is one of the Spursiest plays you'll see.


Danny Green, who has been known to give heart attacks to Spurs fans when he puts the ball on the floor, is on a mission right now. With the shot clock winding down Danny makes a decision, and that decision is to challenge LeBron James one-on-one from the three-point line. Green uses a little hesitation before driving left to the left block and getting a lefty one-hander to drop while drawing a foul on James. Danny gives the double fist pump when he's awarded the hoop and the harm.


That's it for this edition of GIF Breakdown, Pounders. See you after Game Four. After a game like that...well, this team is so easy to root for.