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The keys to a San Antonio title are in Craig Sager Jr.'s new car

It's simple really. All we need to do to ensure the Spurs win their 5th NBA title is raise enough money to buy Craig Sager Jr a car so he can wreck it.

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Craig and the Admiral
Craig and the Admiral
Craig Sager Jr.

Before the Thunder series I invited all Spurs fans to share their confessions with the world in an effort to ensure victory. Boy did it ever work.

Now its time to double down as the Spurs are set to face the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. While many of us make sacrifices or follow certain superstitions to help the Spurs win, none have gone as far as Craig Sager Jr. to bring good vibes to the Alamo City.

After the Spurs victory in Game 5 on Thursday night he called into Geoff Sheen's React show on WOAI and said he knew the Spurs would win because he'd been rear-ended on his way to work and wrecked a family member's car. It was the 2nd such incident during the playoffs and each time the Spurs had gone on to win after he'd done bad things to a car.

So naturally on Saturday before the Spurs close-out victory over the Thunder, he intentionally ran his car out of gas. In the rain. And the Spurs won for the first time in ten trips to Oklahoma.

His selfless acts are inspiring. His devotion to his favorite team is first class and the lengths to which he will go to help the Spurs win knows no bounds. So that's why we as a community have to step up and help out.

How do we do that you ask?

We buy him a 1967 Ford Galaxie on Ebay and ship it to him so he can intentionally drive it off an overpass or something, that's how.

OK, maybe not something that dramatic, but I'm sure he could find a way to run into a fire hydrant or even just do some donuts in the park. Whatever it is, it will be filmed and shared with the world and the Spurs will win and we'll all be so happy.

So here's what you do. Go to my crowd funding site and contribute until it hurts. Do it for Craig. Do it for the guy on Ebay trying to unload that old green car. But most importantly, do it for the Spurs.

We'll buy the car for a thousand bucks and have $70 left over for gas and pork rinds.

Note: Any money raised will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of Craig Sager.