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GIF Breakdown: Game 6 Western Conference Finals - Spurs at Thunder: Turnover edition

The Spurs came up with 15 steals, mostly forced, and the Thunder committed 19 turnovers in total that led to 33 points for the Good Guys. Let's take a look at three of those steals and a block.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Jackson gets his shot blocked by Tim Duncan and the big man secures the ball as it bounces off of the bottom of the glass straight into his hands. His momentum is taking him out of bounds, but he turns and tosses the ball to Kawhi Leonard, who goes full speed up the court flanked by Danny Green and Patty Mills. Derek Fisher is back ready to try to stop Kawhi, but Whi opts to give it up to Danny who uses the rim to keep Kevin Durant away from the ball as he finishes with a solid reverse.


This time it's Green to Leonard. Green pokes the ball out of KD's hand and it conveniently bounces off Cory Joseph's calf right into Matt Bonner's hands. The ball hits the floor just once as Matty passes it to Danny and then ahead to Kawhi for the stuff.

Bonus GIF Content: Patty Mills with the double slapper followed by the holster, and then you can barely see it, but he's going into The Hand. Jeff Ayres executes The Hand behind the little Aussie.


Check out Patty Mills gum up the Steven Adams/Reggie Jackson hand-off and then make a nice save to get the ball to Timmy. That play led to a beautiful play on the other side of the court. Manu Ginobili dribbles the clock down to run a two-for-one. Then a high screen from Duncan, Adams shows hard and Manu fires a no-look pass to Patty at the wing, Patty pretty much touch-passes it to Duncan who is diving into the paint where the Thunder have decided that Serge Ibaka is going to stay, which leaves no one to account for Boris in the corner. Watch Tim after he makes the pass. He sets a mini screen just to make sure there is no way that Ibaka can cover the ground, and then he turns around and is ready to battle for a rebound. He always does all the little things. It's really pretty passing and beautiful team basketball.


Russell Westbrook makes a bad pass and Kawhi is there to pick it up and push the ball the other way. Four of the Spurs are sprinting back, but Marco Belinelli kind of takes his time and makes his way to the top of the arc where Danny finds him all alone. Beli didn't have a good series, and before this he was 1-7 from deep against OKC, but he is the reigning three-point shootout champion. Note: The GIF is sped up during the break.


If you are looking for Kawhi's block of Westbrook that led to Timmy's turnaround in OT, it got its own post.