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GIF Breakdown Game 1: Second Half Edition

If you didn't get enough the first time around, here are highlights from the second half of the Game 2 victory.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start with the last play of the first half to put that this half in context. The Blazers have the ball and the shot-clock is off. Tony Parker is pressuring Damian Lillard near halfcourt and Robin Lopez has set a high pick for Lillard to use. DL uses a spin to lose a steal-gambling Parker, decides not to take the long two that was available, and that let's Parker get back into the picture. Lillard tries to pass out, but Kawhi Leonard sees it coming and easily snatches it from the passing lane to put the kibosh on the Blazers' final first half play.


Manu Ginobili had an awful shooting night. That's being nice. But, he did have a number of plays where he created for his teammates. This is one of those. He uses a pick from the Big Banger, Aron Baynes, and drives into the lane. LaMarcus Aldridge is caught too far from Boris Diaw to close out and Gino makes a routine, but nice pass and Bobo drains the three.


Lillard just makes a mental mistake here, but Kawhi is in the right place to capitalize on the poor pass. He makes the outlet to a streaking Parker who just beats Robin Lopez to the glass. The shots drops and Terry Stotts needs to stop the game for a minute or two.


Here's Manu making it happen for his teammates again. He works off a Tim Duncan screen, penetrates and sucks in the defense, fakes Aldridge and then makes a great pass out to a wide-open Whi. Seems like Batum should have played this differently.


Here we see Tony Parkier in transition. He attacks Mo Williams before the defense can get set, using the spin move he's mastered to draw a foul and finishes for the and-one. Tony is about as pumped up as he gets, letting out a yell with a double fist  pump. He had a nice game. Tim Duncan however, is not impressed.


After failing to shake Mo Williams off a double screen, Patty Mills reverses directions and uses another screen from Baynes to knock down an open look from the top of the key. Hopefully Patty is a nice asset for the rest of the series.


Our favorite Italian had his best game in a long time, certainly over a month. This seems like a great time to get his offensive game going. He goes up and under Will Barton for an easy duece here. Nice to have you back, Marco.


Check out Ginobili sacrificing his body to draw a charge in a game that was already over. He's an amazing competitor.


Tiago Splitter played a solid game defensively against LMA, but he didn't do much on the offensive side of the ball going just 2-of-6 from the floor on his way to five points. He completed an and-one in the fourth on a pick and roll with Tony, which was fun. Tiago is even slightly pumped up.


Okay, that's the end of your double serving of GBDs, Pounders. We'll be back after game two. Until then, this team is so easy to root for.

Super Bonus GIF:

For posterity: Aron Baynes flying down the lane to clean up a Manu miss with a sweet dunk.