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Spurs vs Trail Blazers Game Links: Game 1

Hey, remember how we were all worried that something was wrong with Tony Parker? Me neither. He looked like Tony Parker out there.

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Game Flow | Shot Chart

Playoff Bracket:  It looks like only last year’s Finals participants enjoyed their home court advantage.  Home teams go 2-2 in this round.

On the Blazer’s Edge, Timmay’s believes they "looked nervous and tentative, spotting the Spurs an 8-0 lead".

Over on the Rip City Project, Brandon Goldner thinks Damian Lillard’s defense was not very good.  "I mean, just awful, awful defense from Lillard."

David Deckard, of the Blazer’s Edge, also stated "Do not short the Spurs by attributing this loss to Portland's bad play alone."

Portland Tribune:  "I barely played in April," Parker said. "Pop rested me so much in games, I was joking, 'Am I still with the Spurs?' I feel great right now."

The Playoff Grade Book is posted at 48MOH:  Manu Ginobili and Danny Green brought down the GPA, but I don’t think it’s a cause for concern.  (Lots of nice quotes and notes on this article.)

ESPN’s The 10 for the Spurs had a nice Tim Duncan App recommendation.  Look under 5 at "Timmy's still truckin'".

"Sharing is caring, and the Blazers don't care".  It looks like a season low for Spurs opponents, in regards to assists.

Zach Lowe, over on Bleacher Report, "Spurs Machine engaged. Repeat: Spurs Machine engaged. Take cover, pray to the good Lord Popovich".

QUOTABLE: "That's as well as I've seen San Antonio play." -- Portland coach Terry Stotts

QUOTABLE III: "Tony (Parker) was obviously great throughout. (Aron Baynes) was awesome. He gave us some great minutes. He came in there with his big body, made some plays, made some shots, cleaned up the glass. He did everything he was asked to do." --- Tim Duncan

"I can’t wait to tell them," said their coach Gregg Popovich.  (Commenting on Tim Duncan and Tony Parker finishing  tied for 12th place in MVP voting.)

Up Next: Game 2 Thursday Night at 8:30 CST.