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Ask the Portland Trail Blazers expert anything

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

If you've read PtR for the last few years, then you're familiar with my Fraternizing with the Enemy series of posts, where I take some time to converse with a writer from a blog, usually another SBNation blog, covering an upcoming Spurs' opponent. One of my favorite guys to do that with (as well as one of my favorite writers, period) has graciously agreed to give us an hour and a half of his time.

From noon central to 1:30pm, Dave Deckard, of the world-renowned Blazer's Edge, will be in the comments of our humble blog to discuss all things Spurs vs Trail Blazers. It's your chance to find out the answers to all of those things you're wondering about San Antonio's second round matchup.

So ask away, my fellow £ers. After all, Dave isn't just a great guy, he's not just a Blazer's ExpertTM, he's just about the fastest writer I know. Let's keep him busy.