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GIF Breakdown: Oklahoma City Thunder at San Antonio Spurs - Western Conference Finals Game 5

That game was much more enjoyable to watch than the previous two. Let's look at some of the plays that stood out in the Spurs' decisive victory over the Thunder on Thursday night.

Ronald Martinez

Tim Duncan put up a classic Duncan line of 22 points and 12 rebounds, or basically what he has averaged in his 228 playoff games. With the Spurs down seven early the team went to Duncan in the post, and he takes a turnaround fade-away jumper over Kendrick Perkins. Tim's played the most minutes of anyone on the Spurs in the playoffs and has the most win shares on the team for whatever that's worth.


Manu Ginobili played what has to be one of the most efficient games ever. He played 21 minutes and scored 19 points while posting a true shooting percentage of 96.2. He dished six assists and posted an assist percentage of 58.8 while not turning the ball over once. He posted a ridiculous offensive rating of 202 and a defensive rating of 101. Even before you take into account how efficiently he worked the court no one has equaled his numbers of 19 points, six assists, and four rebounds in under 22 minutes in the playoffs. This play makes the cut for the dance followed by drilling a triple in Derek Fisher's face. That's always a bonus.


My man Boris Diaw is so much fun to watch when he's dialed in. Here the president immediately turns down the good look from deep and attacks Nick Collison with a sweet spin move followed by a pretty reverse between the two Thunder bigs on the floor.


Manu goes 7/8 court and just gently lays it in after going right around Kevin Durant in transition. Boris Diaw keeps Ibaka away from the shot. Excellent work all around.


Tony Parker uses a really nice Boris screen to lose Russell Westbrook and knock down the jumper.


Manu to Tony to Timmy with great position down low. Tim draws the contact and finishes for the and-one.


Ginobili and Duncan with a classic give and go.


Let's see Tony Parker use Westbrook's aggressiveness against him. Russ is so focused on stealing the ball that Tony loses him 30 feet from the basket with a nice crossover. Tony's burst is too much for Perkins and Tim makes sure that Ibaka can't get over to help. Good stuff.


Here's Bobo blocking Kevin Durant's dunk attempt and then running the floor and getting open under the basket. Manu gets him the ball, and instead of challenging Perkins Boris just kicks it out to Kawhi Leonard for the open corner three.


Manu draws in the entire Thunder defense basically, and Boris makes them pay by knocking down the open look.


Ginobili comes up with a loose ball as Steven Adams somersault/neck-cartwheels on the ground. Manu makes a subtle fake to pass it to Matt Bonner and Jeremy Lamb bites hard so Manu lines up and drills the deep ball.


Here the nice ball movement around the arc leads the rock to quick-triggered Patty Mills who connects from the corner on Derek Fisher.


This team is so easy to root for