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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Mavericks Game 6

The Spurs blew a seven point fourth quarter lead and the Mavericks played at a high level to take the game and force a game seven in San Antonio on Sunday. Let's check out some of the highlights from the Spurs in their Game Six loss.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start where the last one left off, with Tiago scoring for the Spurs. He's wide open under the basket as Tim Duncan is working against Samuel Dalembert. It takes Tim a little while to see Splitter, but he does, and the big Brazilian finishes with a dunk.


Let's watch the always dangerous-in-transition Tony Parker. He flies down the court and only Jose Calderon is between Parker and two points. Tony attacks Calderon and Jose takes away the angle for a TP spin move so Tony just goes right around him and finishes with a simple little layup on the left side of the basket.


Here we see Boris Diaw try to go coast-to-coast à la Kawhi Leonard. After swiping the ball away from Vince Carter he makes his way, as fast as he can, down the court and it's just Boris versus Devin Harris. Harris makes a play on the ball, fouls Diaw in the process, and the big Frenchman isn't able to convert through the foul.


Sometimes guys are just in the right place at the right time. Check out Marco Belinelli save the ball as he is falling out of bounds after having it poked away. He gets it to Patty Mills in the corner for an open triple. Sometimes the offense just gets lucky. Still, Patty had to actually hit the shot.


Boris plays the ol' I'm not in the play, I'm tying my shoes trick in this one. After spending most of the possession tying his shoe he receives the ball with five seconds left on the shot clock and immediately attacks the Dallas defense. He finds Tiago with a brilliant pocket pass off the dribble and the Brazilian is rewarded with two free throw attempts following a Vince Carter foul.


Watch Tony Parker as he dribbles under the basket and out into the left block before reversing directions and beating Calderon to the hoop for an easy score.


Here we see the Mavs get lucky. Danny Green makes a great play on the ball while defending Dirk Nowitzki. He pokes the ball away, but Tiago isn't able to handle it and unfortunately it bounces right back into Dirk's hands. Of course the big German then knocked down a jumper.


This is pretty incredible. Tim is trailing in transition and works his way into the lane where he receives the ball from Tony. Somehow Tim is able to gather the pass and then put up a successful shot from behind the backboard.


Let's watch Tiago go to work in the post. He immediately attacks Shawn Marion and uses the rim to protect his shot as he gets a layup to go.


Manu had a poor night shooting the ball, but he can still pass it. He whips a bullet to Boris Diaw who finds no resistance as he puts up a layup. The ball is undecided about falling through the net, but eventually she complies and drops through for the score.


Let's end this with a spectacular play from Tony Parker. The Frenchman went to work late in the fourth for the Spurs, scoring several times all on his own. Here he comes off of a Tim screen and attacks the paint, and uses a spin and fake to beat Dirk for the score.


That's it for this edition of GIF Breakdown. Hopefully the Spurs take the series on Sunday in their first must win of the season. I feel confident that this team has what it takes to pull out a win. Go Spurs!