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GIF Breakdown: San Antonio Spurs at Oklahoma City Thunder Western Conference Finals Game 4

Let's have a quick GIF Breakdown.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Here's Tony curling around a Tim Duncan screen and taking it right at Kendrick Perkins. That's an easy score for the Frenchman. Too bad that this was a rarity.


Look at Tony draw in the defense off of a Tim Duncan pick and then kick it out to Kawhi Leonard for an open three.


This is pretty. Boris Diaw has no problem getting into the paint versus Kevin Durant and Kawhi is able to cut backdoor to give Boris an option as he's double teamed by Steven Adams. Kawhi arrives under the basket with perfect timing and the Big Frenchman hits him with a nice pass and Whi gets the layup to drop.


Here's Boris Diaw backing down Serge Ibaka before knocking down a turnaround fade-away jumper.


Here's Boris working in the post against Ibaka again. Bobo attacks aggressively, uses a couple of fakes, and finally finds just enough room to get a reverse layup to go.


One more from Diaw. Here he posts up Durant, and it seems like Kevin was ready for Boris to start bangin' and backing him down. Instead, the wily Boris just spins and takes two dribbles on his way to a reverse layup.


Let's end this with Cory Joseph dunking on Serge, because it has to be up there among the most unlikely events to happen in this series.


So I'm hoping that Pop will go with what we know works and we'll see about 25 Diaw post-ups and six or seven CoJo throw-downs in pivotal game five. Seriously though, maybe Boris should start.

Let's hope the Spurs go out and get one game.