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GIF Breakdown: San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder - Western Conference Finals Game 3

OKC came alive at home and the Spurs played poorly in Game 3, but the good guys are still in a great position in the series up 2-1.

Joe Robbins

Kawhi Leonard went 0-for-3 from deep for the game and 4-of-11 overall, but it started off well for the young man. This is the second time this series that Leonard used a spin move to get by Durant and score.


Just a little bit after that spin move we see Kawhi swipe the ball away from Durant, track it down, speed down the floor, and then kick the ball out to Danny Green at the right wing for an open triple. That's where he's best from.


You guys know I love me some Boris Diaw, but the Big Frenchman shot the ball poorly (3-of-10, 0-for-3 from deep) on Sunday night. It wasn't enough this time, but even when Bobo's shot isn't falling he finds ways to help his team. He led the Spurs with six assists and this was probably my favorite of those. The trailing Boris receives a pass at the top of the arc from Patty Mills, gives a tiny fake that gets Durant into the air, drives into the paint which draws Derek Fisher off of Manu Ginobili in the corner, and then makes an excellent pass that leads to a Manu tres.


Speaking of The Manu, he had quite the first half, scoring 20 of his 23 points in those first 24 minutes. He runs a high pick-and-roll with Tim Duncan and Steven Adams shows way out at the top of the the arc, so Manu attacks Adams, gets the step, and then gets just enough with his outstretched arm to keep Adams away from the ball.


Here's another nice play from Ginobili. The Spurs are in transition with Manu at the wing with Jeremy Lamb on him. Steven Adams sees a threat and brings a double team, which leaves Tim Duncan with no one between him and the hoop. Gino hits Big Fun with a bounce-pass between the two defenders and that's an easy score. If only they could all have been so easy.


Hey! It's Manu again. This time with a mishandled, fumbling, rushed, hand-in-his-face, shot clock-beating three.


Here's Kawhi Leonard using a little fake to get a step on Durant and then taking it it right at Serge Ibaka and throwing it down. Tony said the Spurs need to be aggressive in game four about 12 times in his interview on Monday. This seems good.


The Timmy face-up banker. I will never not like seeing it.


This is in the running for best Boris assist of the game. As soon as Boris and Tony Parker got into the halfcourt after transition they immediately ran a pick-and-roll, which the Thunder defended by switching Serge Ibaka onto Parker and Reggie Jackson onto Boris. TP and Boris know that Jackson can't stop Boris in the post so Parker enters the ball, Boris backs Reggie all the way down, and Steven Adams has to bring help because Diaw is about to score. That leaves Timmy open to score easily after catching a great pass from Boris.


That's it for this edition of GIF Breakdown, Pounders. As always, we'll be back with more after Game 4 on Wednesday, hopefully with the Spurs enjoying a 3-1 advantage in the series. Until then, even after a stinker like that, this team is so easy to root for.

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