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Western Conference Finals Game 3 Links

That was an ugly game to watch. Here's some less ugly things to read, listen to, and look at about Game 3.

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Game FlowShot Chart

Spurs Postgame Interviews: Coach PopTony ParkerTim DuncanManu GinobiliPatty Mills

Thunder Postgame Interviews: Scott BrooksRussell Westbrook and Kevin Durant,  Serge Ibaka

48MoH has been doing a cool bit called The Margin. This time it was Trevor Zickgraf's turn to explore the disaster.

Trevor also did What's The Story, a collection of the best Game 3 tweets that deserve a read through.

Zach Harper at CBS Sports was also busy this evening, praising Manu Ginobili's improvement this season and the Spurs' reliance on him. I love Manu's stepped up play, but I don't think it's the main reason the Spurs are so much better this season. Not to mention, Manu only had 3 points in the second half.

Zach also talked about the Thunders' huge boost from Ibaka as well as being at home. He somehow managed to remind us of 2012 too. The Spurs have now lost 11 of 13 games to the Ibaka version Thunder, and 8 in a row at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

And he also gave us the ever fantastic Court Vision. I could watch Kawhi dunk over Ibaka all day. Also, that third quarter cannot be overstated.

James Herbert also wrote about the importance of Ibaka's return but I'm only posting this one so you can be mad with me about the "outclassed" comment.

Paul Garcia's analysis is always a must read, and he breaks down Game 3 over at Project Spurs

PtR's own J. Gomez Recaps the loss for us, and he's right, Ibaka's return is out of a cheesy movie. Like grilled cheese with Cheez Whiz on top. With record sodium levels.

Matthew Tynan grades out the Spurs for Game 3. Um, it's not pretty.

Game 4 is Tuesday at 8. See you then.