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J.R. Wilco discusses the 1st two Spurs/Thunder games on the Phil Naessens Show

We discuss the series with the Thunder from my perspective and Phil compares the Spurs with the Knicks

Chris Covatta

I joined Phil for my usual day and time on his show and we talked about the series with the Thunder. We talked about how special it is to watch this system play out and I cautioned the listening audience not to take the Thunder so lightly in game three. As always Phil said something shocking about the Spurs; he compared them to his Knicks in a favorable way. You'll have to listen to believe it.

Joining Phil on his all NBA Friday show is Grizzly Bear Blues Joe Mullinax and our friend Sherm from Loud City makes his usual appearance.

You can listen below or download it here.

Take a listen. His show is broadcast Monday thru Friday at Max Sports ChannelsTalk Superstation, Armed Forces Radio NetworkKozmik RadioFirst Online Radio, Epix Radio, Abscape Radio and Baseball Talk Radio

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