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Game 2 Links: Oklahoma City Thunder @ San Antonio Spurs:

"I believe that we have the maturity, the character and the experience to stay focused and not take this win to head." -- Danny Green

Chris Covatta

Game Flow | Shot Chart

The Spurs Big 3 take the 1 spot:  All-Time winningest trio in NBA playoff history.

Recap: "The San Antonio Spurs are rolling toward a return to the NBA Finals, and Oklahoma City looks powerless to slow them down without Serge Ibaka."

Oklahoman:  Despite the resume’, Tim Duncan does not live in the past.  He is definitely one of a kind.

Here on SB Nation, David Roth has an excellent article on our favorite team.  This is a must read: The strange thing about realizing the Spurs are great

In one sentence, Jason Patt probably made most Blazer fans a bit happier.  Just a bit: "The 35-point victory was the largest for the Spurs this postseason, and this loss was the Thunder's worst in the playoffs since moving to Oklahoma City."

An excellent column from Matt Moore that features several gems, among which is, "The Spurs don't just know how to play together, they understand one another, because they take the time to." The entire piece is worth reading

Check out Sekou Smith’s, 24 Second Thoughts on the Hang Time Blog.  Very similar to ESPN’s "The 10", it has a lot going on.  It has inspirational messages, that great Spurs Video (it’s everywhere), coach-search interview suggestions, rest theories, TKO’s, return of the Green and Manu Gi-nose-bleeds.

Take a look at "The 10" as well, if you have not already done so.

Video:  "I don’t know if you can hear these San Antonio fans telling me that I suck," Barkley said. "And I just want them to know they suck, too. I want them to know that I hear them, and I want them to know that I’m not just gonna take it. They suck, too."  Via, The Big Lead.

Say no more Mark Rosner, say no more:  "They come at opponents in waves, future Hall of Famers and adept role players comprising the NBA's deepest roster."

Ronald Agers, over on Air Alamo, gives his 3 reasons why Tony Parker is better than Russell Westbrook.

Speaking of Tony, he’s 1 assist shy of becoming the tenth player to record 1,000 assists in the postseason.  (Notes)

The Grade Book is posted and Trevor Zickgraf thinks Danny Green is having a perfect series so far.

To get more of your Twitter fix, jump to 48MOH and look at What’s The Story.

Up Next:  Spurs at Oklahoma on Sunday-7:30 PM (CST).

Bonus Note:  Some of the Spurs draftee prospects have been identified from the NBA Combine.