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The Thunder are coming to San Antonio

The Thunder overcame the Clippers on Thursday night, advancing to the Western Conference Finals where they'll meet your San Antonio Spurs for the right to appear in the NBA Finals.

Ronald Martinez

Spurs fans, look upon the face of your next opponent.

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, the despised Derek Fisher and the rest of the boys in blue and orange (and yellow and black and white -- how many colors do they need, anyway?) will be coming to the Alamo City for a playoff matchup against the Spurs for the first time in two years.

In the coming days, there will be a lot of analysis, predictions and breakdowns, but for right now, it's enough just to know that it's OKC, and not LA. That there's the opportunity for the Spurs to pay the Thunder back for 2012. That Tony Parker will have until Monday night to rest his hamstring before taking the floor to lead the Spurs against the team that took all four regular season meetings.

So rest up, get your favorite Spurs gear cleaned and polished (or continue to NOT clean it, if you're one of those) and prepare as best you can. Monday evening will be here soon enough.


Best comment of the thread

Because it was so good, I felt like this should be included for any readers who don't regularly read the comments:

I remember the last 4 gms of the 2012 WCFS as a ton of manu and capn jack 3's that kept us afloat in those gms. Sefalosha taking over on tony and really stifling our flow. Green was useless then. Kawhi was only a corner 3 and D guy. Tiago was Air balling Ft's [Editor's Note: Because of his injured wrist. -jrw], Kendrick Perkins was hitting 12 ft shots and Harden was hitting dagger after dagger. I don't see any of those things happening this time. Except thabo on tony which tony should be prepared for this time around with his Marion/Batum experience from the first 2 rds....provided he's healthy.

... This yr i think were better in some respects...especially spacing wise....Spurs in 6....2014 is all about redemption.