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Game 5 Links: Trail Blazers at Spurs

The Blazers could not match their Game 4 intensity as they left it out on the floor in Portland. That proved to be problematic, since they were playing in San Antonio. Spurs win the series 4-1.

Game Flow | Shot Chart | Game Trax

Playoff BracketSpurs clock their ticket to the Western Conference Finals:  Await winner of Thunder/Clippers.

As the Blazers made their way to their locker rooms, "R.C. Buford waited for them. The Spurs' general manager and the NBA's executive of the year had positioned himself, mid-walk, off to the left side. He wanted to shake hands with each of the Portland players, and Coach Terry Stotts' staff, too."

Can’t get enough of that dunk?  Check out this video, or this one, of Kawhi Leonard’s one-handed double pump dunk.

ESPN’s Top 3 plays of the night have Mr. Leonard at the No. 1 spot.

No Parker, No Problem:  Beyond the Box Score at the Oregonian, plus plenty of pictures.

According to the NBA site, the Turning Point was the Spurs started playing faster after Tony Parker went to the locker room.

As always, 48 Minutes of Hell has the Playoff Grade Book posted.  Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green posted an A+ effort.

Spurs Nation, as well as others, reports that Parker’s injury "is not believed to be serious."

Office betting pool not going according to plan:  Elhassan picked the Blazers in 6.

On the Blazer’s Edge Quick-Cap, Timmay stated that "Game 5 looked incredibly familiar."

Here is a dramatic walk and music from the Spurs on the NBA’s Instagram.

One valuable lesson that the Spurs taught the Blazers, is "not to panic when an All-Star goes down."

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