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Final Score: Spurs close out series in rout of Blazers - win 104-82

If the last game raised any doubt that the Spurs were a much better team than the Blazers, this one stomped it back down and then buried it under 100 feet of concrete. The Spurs played the second half without their offensive general in Tony Parker and just completely destroyed the Blazers. Checkmate -- Popovich.

BadPierre is doing the Recap tonight and I'll let him handle the details. There's not too much to talk about after this one. After a historically bad shooting night in Portland on Monday, the Good Guys went back into their early series form and this one was pretty much over about four minutes into the second half. This was due to the 13-2 run the Spurs went on to start the half which led to a 64-46 lead with eight minutes left to play in the third quarter.

Now we just have to wait and see who the Spurs will face in the Conference Finals. Speaking of the Conference Finals, this will be the third consecutive appearance for the Spurs, a franchise first.

Kawhi Leonard had himself a heck of a game, scoring 22 points to go along with his seven boards and FIVE steals. There were also these two great steals and scores.

This was a good closeout win for the good guys and your Spurs improve to 8-4 for the postseason. The Magic Number now stands at Eight.

This team is so easy to root for.

Popovich Postgame

I'm glad that's over. Those guys are hard to guard, they're athletic. Terry does a great job with them, and we were really concerned with them having the energy they showed last game. Tonight's game started out pretty tit-for-tat, and our bench did a good job coming in for us. I think that changed things a little bit. Congratulate those guys for playing as hard as they did and they have a bright future. A bunch of young guys that play their butts off so we feel great about being able to move forward

On Tony's hamstring injury

No, I don't know anything, he just said he couldn't come back.