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Game 3 Links: Spurs @ Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers made a run in the second half, but it was handled like any other: Time out, Spurs run, Spurs dagger, win big, and walk off like nothing happened.

Steve Dykes

Game Flow | Shot Chart

Playoff Bracket:  3 games into the second round and only the Spurs are sitting at 3-0.  The other three are locked in at 2-1 apiece.

Stat Padder: Tim Duncan moves into the 5 spot in regards to playoff scoring – Watch It.

Sean Meagher of the Oregonian wisely noted the freebies the Trail Blazers missed at the free throw line: "making just 23 of 31 free throws, while the Spurs were a perfect 25 for 25 at the stripe." (60+ game pictures in this column as well)

"Bench mobbed: The Spurs reserves vastly outplayed the Blazers second unit (missing Mo Williams) 40-6." - (same Oregonian article)

Timmay, over on the Blazer’s Edge, thinks the Trail Blazers had that "we're just happy to be here" look.

Dave Deckard (Blazer’s Edge) went on to describe the Portland run in the second half, "Yeah...Yeah...YEAH!  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!  ARRGGH!".  Might I add, another fine article by Dave.

Rip City Project has identified some glaring weaknesses:  Bench scoring, defense, and confidence.  Who knew it would come to that?

The Portland Tribune posted up a great wrap up of post-game interviews.  There are too many to quote, so take the jump and read up Pounders.

Catch your post-game video interviews – here.

48MOH has the playoff grade book posted and it looks rather well.  Not much to complain about as the Spurs posted a relatively easy win.

Here are some reasons the Spurs are man-handling the Portland Trail Blazers.

More honors – Spurs were voted the...err… make that the AT&T Stadium was voted the Top Stadium Experience in the NBA.

In regards to Snake-Gate, Coach Popovich may have thought someone would return the favor, "We expected a beaver but we didn't see one."

CBS had another article on how Splitter is "keeping LaMarcus Aldridge in check".

Parker with some friendly trash talk to Batum, "He was like, ‘How does it feel to finally play in May? How does it feel to finally get out of the first round?’

Nicolas Batum continued by stating (about Parker), "Since Day 1, even before I got drafted, he’s been there for me".

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