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Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs Timberwolves

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The Spurs went into Minnesota looking for the season sweep. Instead they were treated to cold weather and cold shooting.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

As the regular season draws to a close, we put on our cold weather gear to break past enemy lines. Fully anticipating a win for the good guys, I expected a healthy amount of in-fighting over at Canis Hoopus. Now, I’ve never disliked the T’Wolves, so I guess this loss didn't upset me much. Instead, I just sat back and enjoyed watching the underdog get his for the night. I will say this, even Minnesota's fans don’t seem to like JJ Barea, and so they can’t be all bad. The highlight of the thread was great I Love Lucy reference that had me laughing.  All in all, the sun did shine on this puppy tonight, but I won’t hold it against them for too long.  Let’s check it out.


I smell a W tonight
by A-Hole 

Señor Duncan? Hahaha.
by A-Hole

I hope we can make it a game. Spurs are gonna spurs.
by criteriado

Spurs crew won't shut up about how bad our defense is
by BG Murphy

As we're winning.
by googoleeoottooooleeoottooooleeeatta

And Corey guarding Manu is just asking for trouble.
by BG Murphy

Was just going to say that.
Manu has used Corey before.
by CaliWolf 

Our bench is killing the spurs bench. HAHAHAHAH
by criteriado

K.Leonard is paid the same as Shabazz

by Qnight

This is more of a brickfest than
any recent Spurs-Wolves game I recall.
by Dogpile

Darn, I missed it. How did the Spur get bloodied?
by GDG

Brewer elbow- Green nose....
by Dogpile

Well, as Ricky proved the other night...
It is entirely possible to foul with your face.
by SoDakHmr

Kevin Love is 2-10
And they’re up 16. Wow.
by BG Murphy

Trade him?
by antrodax

destroyed MEM, won at MIA, killing SAS
is it crazy to say that this past week has been the funnest in the last decade?
by FreeDieng

If only we won half those 4 point losses early on, we would be 6th or 7th seed
by CPJ32

was at work late. what is happening. Ricky?
by Pacific.

We're gonna be rich, Lucy!
by Dogpile

I'm gonna quit my job
and we’re gonna buy a really long trailer for a road trip!
by Dogpile

Ricky Rubio is awesome. That's all I want to say. Also..Kevin Love is 2/10 and we're winning by 20. WE'RE TURNING THE CORNER. YES.
by criteriado

Just turned it on
Are the spurs tanking?
by davechisholm

Is Jeffers with the team already?
Can be he our victory cigar?
by antrodax

i'd just like to thank the wolves the last 10 games for not making my league pass worthless
by baztic

Pop gonna raise the white flag  here soon.
by googoleeoottooooleeoottooooleeeatta

neveh happen. He knows of Wolves' collapses.
by BaylorWest

Manu's out with a "left calf contusion"...
That sucker’s up and flying…
by SoDakHmr 

It's incredible how unsure we feel with an advantage of ¡17 points! and the bench in play
by antrodax

jj barea for austin rivers.......who says no?
by baztic

Joan Rivers would be better than JJ
by SoDakHmr

Wheels are coming off again.
by BaylorWest

Get Barea off the floor!! You wouldn't give anyone else that much rope, Adelman!
by BaylorWest

if there was an NBA NIT the wolves would be the gophers of the nba
by baztic

I think we got this
by CaliWolf

Jeffers sighting!
by SoDakHmr 

jeffers has done literally nothing and i already like him
by FreeDieng