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Stampler Chats With Phil Naessens about Leonard, Parker, OKC and first-round opponents

I don't care what anybody says, if the Spurs have to play their fifth playoff game in seven nights at Oklahoma City against a well-rested Thunder squad without Manu Ginobili, they're probably going to be in trouble.

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Sorry about not having a show last week, Pounders, but there were technical difficulties. There was a souvlaki mishap or something or other having to do with olives and all I know is that the internet in Greece is less reliable than Tony Parker these days.

As you may recall, I didn't exactly panic over the Spurs' loss to the Thunder last week, for a myriad or reasons. Phil Naessens, however, thinks the game was even more proof that OKC owns us like a 2004 Honda Civic and that we have little chance against them in the playoffs. So we spend time debating that back and forth for your fun and merriment.

We also discuss Kawhi Leonard's potential, Parker's worth, and whom the Spurs should look to avoid in the first round of the playoffs, if possible. Watch out for them Knicks, they're frisky!

After my segment Phil will also welcome to the show Zeb from Welcome to Loud City for his usual spot and they'll discuss the latest round of dysfunction with the Golden State Warriors. How many more assistant coaches have they fired in the time it took you to read this sentence? Only one way to find out.

If that wasn't enough you also get to squeeze a little baseball knowledge into your dome as Phil welcomes back Rush Olson from the ironically-named to talk a little about the Texas Rangers, who are going to really be up against it in a competitive AL West. Just click the play button because it's not gonna click itself. In case the player above doesn't work you can listen to the entire program from Phil's site located here.

Take a listen. His show is broadcast Monday thru Friday on Max Sports Channels, Talk Superstation, Armed Forces Radio Network , Kozmik Radio, First Online RadioEpix RadioAbscape Radio and Baseball Talk Radio.

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts of the show in the comments and offer feedback, good, bad or indifferent.