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Opponent Game Thread: Grizzlies vs Spurs

So, the winning streak is finally over and the Spurs didn't want to start a losing one. People over GrizzlyBearBlues knew what was waiting for them.

Since the 2012/13 season, the Spurs had the Grizzlies number and their fans know we're a horrible matchup for them. Doesn't look like they want to face us in the Playoffs, as you can see in their Game Thread:

* * *

Maybe the spurs realize they don't want the bother of playing us in the first round and sandbag this round
by themidget428

I know we're "the team no one wants to face" but don't you think the Spurs would love to have us? Idk. Not sure what that matchup is like from a Spurs perspective since all the games seem to be close but they win every time.
by josh_fleming

THIRD... darn you guys
OK... ready to watch a good ole bear mauling.
Maybe we'll learn something by watching true champions play. All we can hope is that OKC brings it tonight against Phoenix.
by asif74

The bench is playing great
Combine that with the fact parker is out and we might have a chance
by robdjq

There's a legend that once upon a time Zach Randolph could actually play well against the spurs
by robdjq

it would be easier if this was a blowout
the bench guys are playing well, drawing us in to where it looks like we have a shot, and then we get blown away again.
we do truly suck, and at this point deserve no part of the playoffs
by asif74

Man if refs were any $&!tier at their job, they'd be in ***king congress!
by themidget428

It should be mandatory to play in the National Basketball Association...
you must have enough hand to eye coordination to catch a pass...heres lookin at you Ed Davis
by Vincent Torello

I literally loathe San Antonio
The way most non-Laker fans feel about the Lakers...thats how I feel about San Antonio. I dont know what to hope for in this current Grizz team, but I look forward to the day that San Antonio loses its status as a powerhouse...of course I may be 60 years old before that happens
by Vincent Torello

Austin Daye scores on us... in the lane. What has the world come to?
by Okitech623

Man, they're up by 20, why is the ****ing bald spot still playing???
by Vincent Torello

If we still make the playoffs it feels like a waste of time at this point. A 10 day extension to the season that ends in 4 maybe 5 games at most.
by Okitech623

Beautiful win by the Spurs....
But a sickening loss by us.
by BenJr69