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Week 24 Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire and Sleepers: The End is Near!!

Pounding the Rock Fantasy Basketball Fanatic Phil Naessens gives us a bunch of waiver wire and sleeper options as we head into the home stretch of the Fantasy Basketball season.

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Week #24 of the Fantasy Basketball Season is upon us. The season is nearing an end and I don't know about you but I'm happy it's finally over. It's going to be a strange week as only 8 teams have four games; twenty teams have three games while the Clippers and the Knicks each has only two games this week. You can see the entire schedule grid here.

With all the injuries, weird scheduling, resting and such I'm glad the season doesn't end this week? I guess those of us with championship aspirations must soldier on and make the best of things.

As I said before, the Clippers and Knicks have only two games each. The Clippers play Wednesday and Saturday and the Knicks play Friday and Sunday. The only two "Undroppables" are Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin so luckily for you everyone else on either team is fair game and if it were me I would drop any Clipper other than Chris Paul and every Knick just because that entire team sucks.

As for those of us (I have Duncan and Leonard on the same team vying for a championship) who own San Antonio Spurs players; none of them are on the "Undroppables" list and with just three games this week you should at the very least drop every Spur after Friday's game against Phoenix because any of them having any value will most likely be resting (more on that next week).

This week I'm focusing on the eight teams with four games each; Atlanta, Brooklyn, Detroit, Minnesota, Houston, Oklahoma City, Miami and Sacramento and I'll give you one or two names from each team (except Sacramento as they don't have much to offer) that are widely available and ready to contribute to your roster.

DeMarre Carroll SF Atlanta: He's been up and down a bit this season but he's the only one on the Hawks who can help your teams and is also widely available (45%). Kyle Korver can help as well but he's 72% owned. I just gave you two Hawks for the price of one.

Andray Blatche, Shaun Livingston Brooklyn: Both these guys are widely available as they've had up and down Fantasy seasons. Normally neither of them would be my first choice but they'll do much better than the zero you'll get from the Knicks or Clippers players occupying a spot on your roster.

Rodney Stuckey SG Detroit: Stuckey's another one who's been either really good or really bad this season but the Pistons have four games and Stuckey has been hot so maybe he'll be the one to put your team in the winners circle.

Gorgui Dieng C Minnesota: After Nikola Pekovic went down Dieng has been a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day for Fantasy owners. Amazingly enough he's still widely available and he should be good for nearly a double double all four nights he plays this week.

Omer Asik PF C Houston: With Dwight Howard out Asik has been given the minutes and he's played well averaging nearly a double double over his last four games. He should be a great source this week for rebounds and blocks so maybe Asik is the answer for you this week.

Oklahoma CityJackson has had an amazing Fantasy Season and will be a good source of point's rebounds and assists for your team this week.

Mario Chalmers PG Miami: Chalmers made nine three pointers last week which is reason enough to pick him up but he's also a good source for assists and rebounds as well.

On today's show Tom Lewis stops in to talk Indiana Pacers hoops, Kevin Lipe joins us to look at the Memphis Grizzlies and Amar and Phil take a look at some of the top NCAA prospects and determine their Fantasy Basketball value. You can listen to the program on the player below or download it here

Pounding the Rock Fantasy League

Its down to four teams in the PtR Fantasy Basketball League and both match ups were too close to call at press time. It appears that Kawhisenberg Level will advance to the finals by defeating Kantu Boys and Duncan's Donuts held a slim lead over Tarheel Triple. You can check out who did what to who at the link below.

Good luck this week Fantasy Owners!