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Spurs Infographic: Spurs at Thunder

So that's what a loss feels like, huh? Now that the streak is over, we can all focus on the playoffs to come. Plus, Coach Pop has something to harp upon, so there's that.

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Game Trax | Shot Chart

Standings – The Spurs sit 3 games ahead of the Thunder with 6 games to go on the schedule. OKC has 8 games to go in order to finish their regular season. Plus, the Mavs beat the Clippers, solidifying that 3rd and 7th slot.

In case you missed the scuffle between Tim Duncan and Kendrick Perkins, here it is: Video Link.

How about that Coach Popovich In-Game interview? Here you go.

Bleacher Report had a nice talk about which players should be on the court during crunch time. Who got the nod? Duncan, Diaw, Leonard, Belinelli, and Parker. Did they get it right?

So, how does this jersey fit? He is from Texas, so I think it looks pretty good.

Today, when he was asked if winning Coach of the Month meant anything, he gave a very Popovich response: "No"

Danny Green - ''You can learn a lot from a loss,'' Green said. ''Obviously, I'd rather learn from a win, but sometimes, you feel like you can learn more from a loss. We'll go back to the drawing board tonight.''

Dan McCarney (SpursNation) lists Serge Ibaka as his Player of the Game, after setting the tone defensively.

Looking on the bright side, Paul Garcia (Project Spurs) made a nice observation. Outside of third quarter, Spurs played solid defense on Thunder. Nice analysis throughout the article, so definitely check it out.

The Oklahoman asks if the Thunder have the Spurs number. I’m not ready to agree, but I will concede that they have the regular season series this year.

Welcome To Loud City - "The Spurs are famous for their unselfish play and seemingly unparalleled ability to move the basketball…Where the Thunder has excelled is in simply being athletic enough to keep up with that ball movement."

As we went to print, the usual Grade Book on 48MOH had not been posted. Someone go check…I’m scared to look.

Up Next: A Sunday night game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Sorry Grizzlies, but someone has to pay for this loss.