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Opponent Game Thread: Warriors vs Spurs

This was a game considered a loss by the Warriors' fans before it even started, and you can see it in their Game Thread.

Being without 3 starters, having played against the Mavs (and winning that one in OT) the night before, with their starters logging 40+ minutes and playing a team on a 18-win streak, somehow the Dubs' fans weren't too optimistic about this one, so let's take a look at how our sister blog Golden State of Mind:

(Fair warning for those considering a read-through of their complete game thread: there's a significant contingent at GSoM that seems to think that all Spurs flop ... and most of them complain a lot about their coach. So, as always, be neighborly.)

Well at least I have tons of beer tonight. Sigh. !%$&ing Spurs man.
by ferrariford2

I think basketball fans should all give the Spurs the cold shoulder until they get so flustered they leave the NBA
Their reign needs to end somehow!
by 123707THIZZ

Harrison Barnes goes nuts and dunks on Sean Elliot. I would love to see that.
by ferrariford2

Staring at box score numbers might be less painful than watching this game
by IQofaWarrior

by AJC3317

I wish that screaming lady from the Playoffs had season tickets
by 123707THIZZ

We'd only get it once or twice a year
but Spurs fans would get 82! Take THAT, Spurs fans!
by 123707THIZZ

I don't wish that evil on anyone
by Cwebfan23

Pop gonna pull his starters out of the timeout
gotta put Warrior killers Patty Mills and Marco Belinelli in
by Killjoy

duncan must look at speights guarding him like an all you can eat buffet
by Killjoy

Kawhi Leonard is like a stealing machine.
by ferrariford2

You guys wana go outside or something?
Surely we should go do something else, right?
by 123707THIZZ

pop calls a timeout after a 4-0 run. Jackson waits until it's a 12-0 run
by AJC3317

by ferrariford2

If only the Spurs ever had trap games!
This should be the definition of a trap game, but they don't even blink!
by 123707THIZZ

Least we get to see what a smart, structured offense eventually nets out of the players within it
by DontcallmeIggy

I give up! The Spurs are just godlike. They are going to win it all.
by ferrariford2

This is like the evolution of UFC, they're televising live murder!
by 123707THIZZ

all we need to do is double duncan , parker , and ginobli at the same time

I think the Spurs would still beat us if we played all 9 of our healthy players at the same time
by DontcallmeIggy

This is like a donation to add up a win to already
unbeaten Spurs
by TheSoundOfHockey

We always looked discombobulated, forcing shots and too nervous whenever we play the spurs
Maybe its just because theyre just too good?
by kupalsky

Even in a blowout, Pop calls a time out because he does not like what his team just did and wants to hold them .
by DontcallmeIggy

Pop showing MJ how timeouts are done
Hope he's learning
by warriorsnation

Can we just face the Dream Team all at their prime rather than the Spurs in the playoffs?
by ferrariford2

I feel like if I worked on my corner three and bounce pass, I could be a 10th man for SAS as long as I played with max effort on d
by starbury_to_s-jaxci2000

We are going to be in the Spurs record book; franchise record 19th win!
by dinohealthInteresting...

So that's what's supposed to happen when you play a team that is missing three of its top five players.
Hate to harp on Mark Jackson when he wasn't the real issue tonight (although not calling a timeout til the other team has scored 14 straight points is laughable) , but that kind of preparation and effort is a joke. My problem with Jackson is clearly not the loss (because we probably lose playing well too) but you can just tell this team doesn't play using the fundamentals.

It baffles me why teams don't replicate San Antonio's offensive system. It's capable of making a group of once bench players and scrubs (Bellinelli, Green, Ayers, Diaw, Mills, Joseph) look like a playoff team (in the West). They run plays where players are actually doing something when they are off-the-ball. Players don't just move with/without the ball, they sprint.

Oh well, I guess we'll just do our best running the offense we have and hope our defense can keep us together.
by dont_stop_believin'