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Game Links: Game 2 - Mavericks at Spurs

The Mavericks evened the Series at one a piece. The Spurs head to Dallas with the intent of taking home court back.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Game Flow | Shot Chart

Playoff Bracket:  Sweet Sixteen, right off the bat.

Pre-Game: Heading into the game, Matthew Tynan believed that Kawhi Leonard would be the key if Dallas stuck to their defensive schemes.  The key didn’t fit in game 2.

Line of Demarcation:  The focus is stopping the 3, Dirk Nowitzki stated, "I guess two points is better than three points."

Mavs Recap:  The Mavs won every quarter and had 33 points off 22 TO’s.

Blowing Game One:  Helped the Mavs gain some confidence and carry it into game 2.

Series Tied Up:  "Shawn Marion and former Spur DeJuan Blair pushed first…"

Spurs Grade Book:  3 Things We Saw – "dumb to overreact to one game"

Plan B:  Release the snakes!

Game in Pictures:  I can’t say I liked watching Cuban laughing.  The rest of the pics were fine, if you forget about that not-winning-the-game thing.

Carrying The Mantle: It didn’t happen last night, but check out this article about the future Spur leader.  There are some great quotes from him and Coach Pop.

To Dynasty or Not: As attention was brought to the Spurs, and Coach Pop in particular, is anyone surprised that the president of the Knicks had to take another jab at the Spurs?

Place Your Bets: For those folks that don’t already know, Nate Silver reminds you to, "Stop Betting Against Gregg Popovich".

Next:  The series is tied at 1-1.  Spurs hit the road and drive up I-35.  Saturday 4:30 PM (EST).