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Gregg Popovich, Kliff Kingsbury & The System

Texas Tech University's football coach, Kliff Kingsbury, shares his thoughts on Gregg Popovich, Bill Belichick, the "family approach" to coaching and not giving all of the credit to the system.

Kliff Kingsbury is in a hurry.

After all, in six short years he's gone from being hired by Kevin Sumlin and as an offensive quality control assistant for  University of Houston, to becoming the co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach where he called all the plays, to joining Texas A&M as the offensive coordinator where he coached Johnny Manziel for his Heisman Trophy season, to finally taking the head coaching position for his alma mater, Texas Tech.

Few have experienced a career trajectory as steep as Kingsbury's, who is the 2nd youngest head coach in Division I college football. Kingsbury is entering his second season as head coach, and the team finished last season on a high note by dismantling the heavily favored Arizona State Sun Devils in the Holiday Bowl. But this is playoff time for the San Antonio Spurs, so when Kingsbury and I spoke this week, it was as a fellow Spurs fans first, and blogger/head coach second.

Yes, the head coach of the Red Raiders football team is a die-hard Spurs fan and a Pop-follower just like the rest of us. Please take the time to hop over to Viva The Matadors, the other SBNation site I write for, and see what Kingsbury had to say in the exclusive interview I had with him about the Spurs, Pop and working within the constraints of The System.