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Tour Tony Parker's house courtesy of Fabricio Oberto

Ever wonder which Marvel character is Tony Parker's favorite or what his trophy room looks like? Fabricio got these answers and more when he visited Tony with a camera crew for his show "Lado Oberto"


Take a break from playoffs talk to watch this amazing video of Fabricio Oberto touring Tony Parker's house while he was in San Antonio filming part of his show "Lado Oberto."

By virtue of being a former teammate and an all-around good guy, Fabricio gets the type of access to the usually secretive Spurs that others can only dream off.  We showed you his candid interview with Pop and there is also this video of him touring Timmy's custom car shop. But the best example yet might be this visit to Tony Parker's house. Fabricio gets to see Tony's trophy room and wine cellar, among other cool things.

Yes, those are full size Hulk and Iron Man figures. Something tells me Tony would like this year's Epic Playoff Preview, although he might be mad he didn't get to be his favorite character in it. Sorry, Tony but the people in charge of that one tell me Iron Manu was just too good to pass up.

When you get past the "MTV Cribs" vibe that dominates some moments, you see two friends hanging out. The first time I watched this, I got irrationally mad at Tony for calling Fabricio "Fabio." I honestly wondered if he knew Fabricio's actual name. But as the minutes go by, you can see a real sense of camaraderie and affection between the two, punctuated by Oberto praising Parker constantly in his voice over in the transitions. Tony did open his door to Fab and a camera crew, after all, and I'm sure he doesn't do that for someone he doesn't like and respect. And speaking of respect, wait until you hear what Tony has to say about which Spurs team he thinks was the best ever.

I really loved getting a rare glimpse at Tony's super fancy life outside the court. But by now my favorite thing about these videos has to be Fabricio constantly asking people to please, visit his winery in Argentina. Not even Stephen Jackson reached those levels of endearing desperation when he was plugging his album and that's saying something.

Never change, Fab.