Confessions of a Spurs fan

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

"A work of art has no importance whatever to society. It is only important to the individual." - Vladmir Nabokov

I don't remember when the Spurs began to be this important to me.

I mean, there's no way the Spurs have changed my life. A group of men synergizing together to produce a win does not directly affect my life in any way-it shouldn't. The Spurs haven't changed the way I act; their philosophies rarely show up in the way I handle myself. And as Gregg Popovich usually says, "Basketball is basketball." It's a simple sport played by two groups of five people. There's nothing within its existence that lends it to being important. At the end of the day, it's just a form of entertainment. But why do I care so much? Why does it hurt when they lose? I don't know these guys, and they don't know me.

The way I see the game has drastically changed from when I first started. I never used to see a few plays into the possession. Now, I can tell when a certain player will cut, and Manu will put a pass right on the money. I never used to predict when Tony will pull out his vertiginous spin move. Now, I call it out before he does it. But there's one thing that has stayed the same: my reactions to whatever happens on the court, and I'm still unable to describe these reactions in any way.

I feel like I'm bursting, and my emotions go too fast to accurately determine what they are. It's like I'm everywhere at once, but nowhere at all-I'm stuck in my living room, watching a ball go through a hoop. The sounds of play calls and dribbles drown out the bustle in the kitchen. Tim Duncan tips the ball, the ball bounces, the game ends. Turn off the television. Wait for the next game.

But it makes me feel positive about my life: it provides an escape from the monotonous normalcy that plagues each of us. Sometime, in a specific moment in the middle of the game, whether that's Manu pulling off some amazing play, Tony coolly tearing apart a defense, or Tim adding another post score to his timeless point total, it hits me. It doesn't matter when it happens, but the fact that it happens does. Every emotion that the Spurs have made me feel rattles me. It wakes me up.

No other team has made me feel that way. The emotional connections just appeared. They're not facts to be examined or things to be specified. They're things to be felt. So it doesn't matter that I don't remember when the Spurs became important to me. All I know is that I never knew they would mean this much.

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