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Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs Rockets

The Rockets swept the series against the Spurs for the first time since bread was invented or something like that.

Scott Halleran

The Spurs had already clinched the best record in the NBA, and the Rockets were fighting in order to host the first round against the Blazers, so let's see what happened at our sister blog The Dream Shake:

* * *

We've never swept the Tim Duncan Spurs
and it feels like we've never come close. Lets make history and get HC locked up!
by Michael 2k

I wonder if Marco
is going to be the random player to go off for 50 tonight.
by Bobbythegreat

T on Duncan?
Was he giggling again?
by Bobbythegreat

I really wonder why SAS lights up the rest of the league from 3
while they are so terrible shooting 3s against us. It's not like we defend the 3 well or anything
by Michael 2k

Maybe being
wide open all the time f***s with their head, they are used to being guarded
by Bobbythegreat

Wow if the rockets get past portland
Spurs might be the yellow brick road to the WCF
by Uncleblaze3

now lets watch our lead evaporate with the bench out there
by H&Hguy

Ironic that james harden is upset about flopping lol
by Uncleblaze3

baynes gets 1 foul and pop takes him out already with over 11min in 3rd qt??
by inquisitiveman

Pop is a confusing little freaker.
by ferrariford2

here comes the third quarter collapse, and any hope of resting our starters
by H&Hguy

Man. How can I get Tim Duncan to play in the Warriors or Blazers. Dude is like 100 years old? still so good.
by ferrariford2

The Spurs are the Best Screening Team in the League......
Their half-court offense is fun to watch.
by tkrieger

Parker's effectiveness is mostly because he can evade shot blockers at the rim with his incredible ability to finish off the glass and rim
by NVP

Please just throw in the towel Pop
by Michael 2k

Of course you let them score 6 points in 1:45 minutes without answering
to end the 3rd Q...
by KLP713

spurs bench are third seed in the east.
by ferrariford2

If Pops is coaching, yes.
by Xiane

Thank goodness the Spurs bench realized they are still a bench
by Michael 2k

we cant beat the spurs in a 15 game series but we can make it interesting
by inquisitiveman

But how good is the Spurs system that they just leave the second unit in and it's still a competitive game??
by pkattk

there is a reason why spurs won 62 games...their bench is no joke
i had said all season that OKC should make it out of west, but man, those spurs have me thinking
by inquisitiveman