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GIF Breakdown: Spurs vs. Phoenix Suns

The San Antonio Spurs picked up their 62nd win of the season and wrapped up the top-seed throughout the playoffs on Friday night. Let's check out some plays from the game.

My internet connection has been on the fritz all day so we'll have to make this late afternoon edition a brief one.

Let's start it by taking a look at an alley-oop Spurs style. Tony Parker passes to Tiago Splitter off a screen and the big man catches the ball midair and lays it in off the glass. Gerald Green had an insane dunk in the game, but points are points.


Danny Green was incredible on Friday night, and he finished the game with a career-high 33 points, hitting 12 of his 17 shots. In this play we see Baynes miss a turnaround jumper but Danny sneaks along the baseline and times his jump perfectly as he tips the ball through the hoop. Boris Diaw deserves some credit for keeping Markieff Morris just out position to grab the rebound.


Here we see Danny beat the buzzer at the end of the first quarter with a pull up 27-footer. He gets the really friendly, homecourt, shooters bounce on this one. Sometimes everything is working for you, Friday night was one of those nights for Green.


My man Boris Diaw shows off his touch in this next GIF. He fakes Markieff out to the arc and then drives through the lane before hanging in the air and flipping up a little runner. The big Frenchman looks downright graceful. I love aggressive Boris.


Tony Parker wasn't so good in the first half. He almost seemed bored out there. For the first six minutes of the third quarter he was in point god mode. He dropped 14 points on the Suns in that short span of time and this is a GIF of him getting two of them. He attacks Bledsoe from the top of the arc, gives a slight hesitation, and then blows past the young guard on his way to the rack. In normal Parker form he ends up on the ground, but the ball goes down and the Spurs were off to a furious comeback.


Check out Kawhi get out in front of everyone in transition as Boris Diaw hits him with an awesome pass. Whi slows and waits for Gerald Green who wraps him up, but Leonard is so strong he works out of Green's grasp and and gets a reverse layup to go as he's being pulled away from the basket. What a beast.


Let's end this edition of GIF Breakdown with a huge rebound from Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs held a four point lead with just one minute left in the game. The Spurs missed their next attempt, but 20 seconds ran off the clock in the process and the Suns had to play the foul game after they missed their next attempt.


This team is so easy to root for. See you next time, Pounders.