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Game Links: San Antonio @ Dallas Mavericks

After leaving Dallas with the victory, the Spurs' magic number is 1 as they head into tonight's game against the Suns.

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Game Flow| Shot Chart

NBA Standings: The magic number for the Spurs is 1, while the Mavs are not safe just yet.

Dan McCarney may have discovered the cause of Tim Duncan's late-career success: he's a cyborg.

Alan Smithee over at Mavs Moneyball writes that, after watching what went down last night, the thought of the Mavs facing the Spurs in the first round of the playoffs is just depressing.

In his recap, Paul Garcia of Project Spurs takes a look into whether Popovich will rest anyone in tonight's game as they look to clinch the number 1 seed.

Matthew Tynan of 48 Minutes of Hell was dishing out grades from last night's game and it's safe to say Bobo and CoJo brought the class' average down a bit.

ICYMI, Manu Ginobili got named Tweeter of the Year by Here's a video of him talking about his twitter experience.

Hey, remember that time in the 70's when an evangelist took over the Spurs' halftime show because of a scheduling conflict? Man, the ABA was awesome.

Up next for the Spurs is the Phoenix Suns, who's dream of getting closer to the playoffs will have to be put on hold so San Antonio can clinch the number 1 seed.