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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Indiana Pacers

You probably haven't heard yet, but the Spurs are on an 18-game win streak. Tony Parker led the Spurs with 22 points as they beat up the Pacers in Indiana on Monday night. We'll look at several plays from the Frenchman as well as the usual assortment of standout plays in this edition of GIF Breakdown.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start with the Spurs in transition. Patty Mills makes a smart pass back to Manu Ginobili to avoid having to contend with Luis Scola. The little Aussie then works his way to the wing as Manu pushes the ball up the floor with Scola now in pursuit of his dear friend. Gino leads Mills with one of his slick passes and Patty buries the wide-open triple.


This is a pretty sweet little play the Spurs run to get Boris Diaw an open look. We see the usual off-ball motion from the Spurs, but watch Patty. He comes into the paint and sets a screen on Scola that allows Boris to move to the top of the key. Tiago Splitter patiently waits for the play to develop and Bobo knocks down the jumper. It's cool that Patty took two guys out of the play with that screen.


Tiago should always win if he's one on one in the post with Scola guarding him. Splitter takes a couple dribbles as he backs Scola deeper into the paint before turning and getting a left handed layup to go.


And that brings us to our first Tony Parker GIF. The Wee Frenchman gets the ball from Tim Duncan on a hand off and curls around the big man with George Hill in pursuit. Tony gets one step into the paint and leans into a ten-foot floater. Parker's touch is incredible, and that's a pretty bucket. Good to have you back TP.


I can't wait for the playoffs to start. We'll get to see a lot more of this stuff from Mr. Parker. He works off a Splitter screen, blows by Hill and crosses over Hibbert before going around the Indiana big man and finishing with a beautiful reverse layup. This team has so many weapons, and a motivated Parker is devastating.


This is an otstanding inbounds play from the good guys. Manu throws it in to Timmy and fakes like he's heading outside the arc before cutting to the hoop as Kawhi Leonard clears the lane. Duncan hits Manu completely in stride with a really well executed bounce-pass between two defenders. Manu hangs in the air as he uses the basket to protect his shot and he gets the layup to fall. The two longtime teammates make it look easy on this one.


Tony Parker is still really fast. Check out this play where Timmy and Kawhi knock the ball free from Paul George and start a fast break. Leonard pushes the ball forward to TP who flies past Hill on his way to a couple more points.


Let's end this breakdown with a couple of Tim Duncan dunks.

In the first one we see Kawhi and Duncan run a pick and roll and Hibbert steps out to contest a Kawhi jumper that turns into a pass to a wide open Tim for the flush.

In the second one we see Hibbert fronting Duncan, and the Spurs have figured out how to get Duncan the ball. We saw it recently with Jan Vesely fronting the big man. The Spurs go to the big up high who makes a quick pass inside to Duncan. In this case it's Boris, who puts a routine beauty into Tim's hands. Tim, who struggled from the floor, makes sure this one goes in with an emphatic jam. Timmy's still making posters.