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Kawhi Leonard to host radio show

San Antonio's longtime blowtorch and radio home of the Spurs, 1200 WOAI announced late last night a series of surprising shake-ups in their lineup of on-air talent.

Kawhi's got a new bag
Kawhi's got a new bag
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

In what will likely be remembered as "Bloody Monday" in radio circles for years to come, 1200 WOAI Program Director Brian Gann announced a reshuffling of talent late Monday night that sent shock waves throughout South Texas.

Longtime drive time host Joe Pagliarulo or "Joe Pags" as he's affectionately known will be replaced by current San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard at the conclusion of the NBA season. Leonard will host his show, titled Kawhiet Riot from 5-8pm weekdays. In a statement released by WOAI, Gann said:

Joe Pags has been a notable figure in our community for years and we appreciate his contributions. He represented our city and all of South Texas with dignity and class, and for that we are forever grateful.

I just couldn't stand listening to him sing Joe Cocker songs for one more minute.

Gann went on to describe his vision for Leonard's new program.

I see Kawhi as the real life Frasier Crane. He will take calls from people facing life issues and open up to them. In our trial runs he's been amazing. He shares stories from his life in the NBA and somehow ties that in to whatever ills the caller may be facing. He has a gift for getting to the heart of the matter and will help people escape from their fog of negativity and see life as they've never seen it before.

Kawhi will also speak on pop culture. Whether it's movie reviews or discussing the most recent episode of Girls, the loquacious Leonard will weigh in with his unique brand of observation and wit.

The final hour will be reserved for Kawhi eating steak. So you'll get an entire hour of Kawhi eating a steak and describing to his audience the quality of his meal. From our test sessions:

"That bite was good.

Really, it's good.

I said it was good."

Groundbreaking stuff to say the least. We can't wait to get started. The most difficult challenge we face is squeezing everything in the three hour run time. Once you get Kawhi going, its hard to get him to stop talking.

Further terms of his contract are not yet available, but the speculation is he will be paid in the low six figure range. Furthermore, hosting the show is not expected to interfere with his role with the Spurs, unless the steak is extraordinarily good on a particular game night.

Late yesterday afternoon Kawhi hinted at the pending change when he sent this tweet.

While change is always difficult, these are definitely exciting times. We'd like to wish Joe Pags the best as he searches for a new place to sing his Joe Cocker tunes, and we can't wait to tune in to Kawhiet Riot everyday at 5.

Best of luck, gentlemen!


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