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The dirty little truth behind this year's Spurs vs Thunder series

So, there's a big game this Thursday evening, eh? If you're thinking it'll be a good litmus test of where San Antonio and Oklahoma City are right now, you ought to think again.

Can you believe that we haven't seen Leonard on Durant since January 22?
Can you believe that we haven't seen Leonard on Durant since January 22?
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of March, the Spurs played a game with a full roster for the first time in two full months. It was a tough win over the Mavericks, and afterwards, PtR regular Alamo had this excellent analysis to offer on the April 3rd meeting between the Spurs and Thunder.

OKC is a tough matchup when Kawhi is out, which was the case in their 2nd game this season when OKC won by 13. The most recent game the Spurs were ahead by a point when Kawhi was injured, while Danny and Tiago were out altogether.

The one game they played in November and OKC won by 6 was the only time the Spurs had all their players available. The Spurs were 13-1 going in to the game at OKC, despite the fact that both Tim and Kawhi had shot horribly the entire month of November. Tim made 5-14 in that game while Kawhi was 1-5 from three and Danny & Marco were 0-7 from three.

The final game between the two teams during the regular season will likely not be that significant, for all practical purposes a scheduled loss for the Spurs. It will be the 2nd game of a back-to-back for the Spurs and their third game in four days (GSW and Pacers the other two). OKC is scheduled for three days of rest prior to playing the Spurs again, with their only game during the six days leading up to it at home against Utah. That will of course be a nationally televised game on TNT to show how OKC fares versus the Spurs.

Apart from the fact that this game is a FIGASENI, that just about says it all.