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GIF Breakdown: Spurs vs. Orlando Magic

The Spurs closed out the game on a tear to beat the Magic on Saturday night after Orlando hung around for the first 45 minutes of the game. It was Manu, Tony, and Kawhi that played great down the stretch, and we'll look at them and some others in the edition of GIF Breakdown.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Parker had himself a pretty nice game last night, scoring 30 points on just 19 shots. He was at his best early and late in the game, and we'll start this GIF Breakdown with Tony working some Magic of his own against Orlando. Parker takes the veteran Magic poing guard Jameer Nelson out to the wing to give himself room to attack the rim. Kyle O'Quinn didn't have much of a chance to stop TP once Tony lost Nelson with a nice crossover. Parker uses a couple dribbles, a quick spin into a fake that gets O'Quinn into the air, and finishes the play with a little up-and-under layup.


Here we see the Spurs just getting into the halfcourt as Tony finds a pretty open Marco Belinelli with a pass. Aaron Afflalo closes onto Marco quickly, which leaves Manu Ginobili wide open in the corner. The Spicy One makes a great touch-pass to Gino, and Argentina's Flying Man puts three more on the scoreboard. Ginobili isn't shooting very many corner threes this year, and this was his 12th make from either side on 30 attempts this year (40%.)


Here's a quick little play that ends in an and-one for Boris Diaw. We see Manu wait for Kawhi to curl around a Boris pick before getting him the ball in stride. Unfortunately Kawhi sees  Andrew Nicholson impeding his progress as Tobias Harris recovers and gets back in front of Whi. This allowed Bobo to cut through an open lane to the basket. Kawhi sees him and makes a nice pass to the big Frenchman, who draws a foul and gets the layup to go.


In this next play we'll see the Spurs in transition again. This play is really pretty. It's so smooth and everything is in stride. It starts with Diaw securing the rebound pushing the ball to Danny who gives it back to Boris. Aggressive Boris attacks the basket as Kawhi goes backdoor. A nice feed from Bobo to get Leonard the open dunk. Bonus GIF content: Baynes with The Hand.


This next play features some great moves from Manu Ginobili. A pump fake, a pivot, a couple jab steps, and another fake from the Argentine before he explodes to the hoop. Gino takes one dribble, weaves his way through a couple defenders in the lane, and finishes on the other side of the basket with a pretty little layup. It's good to see Manu make plays like this happen, and he had a great overall game against the Magic. Five assists to one turnover, as well as 24 points on 17 shots.


Tiago Splitter followed up his good performance against the Heat with another nice game. With the shot-clock winding down Tiago makes a move to the basket along the baseline and tries to finish with one of his reverse layups. O'Quinn isn't having any of that as he rejects Sparkles' attempt. Tiago stays with the play and the ball takes a fortunate path where Splitter can secure it. With the shot-clock about to expire he fakes and then gets a floater off just before the buzzer sounds. The ball just clears O'Quinn's outstretched hand and drops for the Brazilian big man.


Let's look at one more play in transition. Tiago starts the break looking pretty good and pushes the ball to Whi in stride at the wing. The Sleeve drives into the lane and draws a double team, but he's spotted Danny Green working his way to the left wing where he finds him with a well-placed pass. Green drains the triple on his way to a perfect 4-of-4 from downtown.


Next we'll see the customary dunk from Whi, and this one really is coast-to-coast. Aaron Afflalo appears to be taken by surprise as Kawhi picks up speed as he moves down the sideline. With Afflalo on his heels Kawhi moves toward the middle of the court, uses a little crossover that freezes Afflalo just for a split second, and Whi finishes the OMFB with the slam. KaWow indeed.


Manu and Tiago are great at running pick and rolls. Here we see Splitter set a high-screen for Gino, and the Magic trap Manu just above the break. Since he's Manu GInobili he simply makes a perfect bounce-pass between the two defenders that hits the rolling Tiago in his hands on his way to an aggressive dunk.


Tony Parker starts and finishes games for the Spurs. So let's end this with another Tony Parker feature. The game was still tight here with about four minutes left in the game. It's Tony Parker time. After his first drive into the lane didn't yield the results he was looking for, he goes into a comfortable pick-and-roll with his longtime buddy Tim Duncan. Finding a little room in the lane, Tony hangs in the air and gets a banker to drop. Nice.