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Game Links: Heat at Spurs

Los Spurs took care of El Heat in a game where Duncan's performance made LeBron's mask disappear. Here are your game links for Thursday's matchup against Miami.

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Game Flow | Shot Chart

When speaking of Boris Diaw's performance, Popovich said, "Boris is a really high IQ basketball player, and he does things... well, really, I don't know what he's going to do."

With the team at full strength and playing incredibly, Tim Duncan feels that the Spurs are starting to turn a corner.

In his post-game interview, Manu Ginobili described the difference between the win over the Heat and the Spurs previous wins, saying, "In this game, we needed a good first half. The last three or four were wins, but always with a slow start."

Boris Diaw on the Spurs beginning to finally pull out some wins against elite teams: "It's good. We haven't beaten many good teams this season. Now we know, after the All-Star break, it's time to get in gear and get ready for the playoffs."

Kawhi Leonard isn't a fan of the sleeved jerseys either: "It's just something I'm not used to. It just felt a little tight."

Dan McCarney named Leonard as the player of the game in his recap, saying he was outstanding as the first line of defense on LeBron James.

Trevor Zickgraf handed out grades over at 48 Minutes of Hell, and everyone got at least a "–B" except for the artist formerly known as the Masked Red Mamba.

With this game being the Heat's first visit to San Antonio since the 2013 Finals, Miami Herald reporter Joseph Goodman found it hard to believe that the two-time champs actually won a game on the Spurs floor last year.

Isaac Koppel, over at Hot Hot Hoops, writes that this game may go down as LeBron's worst of the season.

If you'd like to ask Matt Bonner a question about something random with an expectation that he'd answer with his standard wit and deadpan humor, today is your last day.

Up next for the Spurs will be the Orlando Magic on Saturday night, who just had to deal with Dwight's first trip there as a Rocket.