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Game Links: Spurs at Cavs

Those 13 points in the first quarter had me worried... nah just kidding. Here are your game links for Tuesday's matchup in Cleveland.

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Game Flow | Shot Chart

Kyrie Irving felt that, besides a few lackadaisical moments, his team was competing in the second half.

Regarding the Spurs' high number of assists, Dion Waiters said, "It's tough guarding a team like that who gets into their offense no matter how much time is left on the clock."

On a night where the assist numbers were high and beautiful team-play was on display, Dan McCarney felt it would be vulgar to name a player of the game (but if he did award one, it would be Danny Green).

Paul Garcia, over at Project Spurs, attempts to answer a pretty valid question. Spurs: machine or human team?

Ryan Mourton, over at Fear the Sword, had not heard of the San Antonio Spurs until last night's game. He was especially impressed with the youngster Timothy Duncan, who gave his Cav's veteran power forwards a hard time.

Reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mary Schmitt Boyer, couldn't help but find it fitting that it was former Cav, Danny Green, that lead the Spurs' dismantling of his old team. Man, it's tough being a Cav's fan...

Andrew McNeil did the handing out of grades on 48 Minutes of Hell last night and, in the process of doing so, came up with a brilliant cooking show featuring Matt Bonner called "Penetrate and Dish".

Ken Rodriguez has a weekly column up on, and this week's post focuses on Austin Daye, calling him the "Next Generation."

If you were curious about Gregg Popovich's thoughts on Matthew McConaughey's recent explosion of success, then your in luck! Pop went over to the ESPN True Hoop blog BallerBall to share his thoughts!

The Spurs next matchup is against the Miami Heat, who seem to be on a sort of LeBron hangover as they lost to the Rockets last night.