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Final Score: Spurs destroy Cavaliers, 122-101

This one started off really ugly, with the Spurs scoring a season-low 13 points in the first quarter. The next 36 minutes of the game looked like one of the best teams in the West playing a team that is 14 games under .500 despite playing in the East.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs turn the ball over early in games. It may be a problem down the road, but as Andrew McNeill at 48 Minutes of Hell wrote,

There's a fine line when it comes to mistakes and turnovers. They can be viewed as a sign of weakness, a sloppiness that is a characteristic of poor teams. But some might view them as the product of the risks better teams are willing to take. San Antonio boasts an excellent record despite a nasty habit for high-turnover games.

It's not the way Gregg Popovich would like to see his team win games and probably not one that will be effective come playoff time, but it may not be the red flag that it appears on the surface.

The Spurs found themselves down 12 at 13-25 early in the second quarter after committing their sixth turnover in 13 minutes.They entered halftime up 50-40. Manu, Boris, Danny, and Mills all contributed at least one three in the second and the Spurs got stops on their own end. Beating a team by 20 in a quarter usually gives you a good shot of winning the game.

The Spurs were good again in the third quarter and outscored the Cavs by seven. Danny Green had a 6-0 run to put the Spurs up 23 in the first 27 seconds of the fourth, and the game was essentially over. Danny tied his season-high with 24 against his old team and the Spurs put this game away easily.

The team was otstanding tonight after that rough start. I'm excited for the rest of the year and feel good about the team's chances. Your Spurs improve to 44-16 on the season with just 22 games left to play before the second season.


  • The bench was fantastic in this one with Boris chipping in 16-5-3-1-2, Mills had a great game as well with 16-3-5-2 and the game-high plus-24. Beli and Gino each tallied 11.
  • Tim only logged 26 minutes and was quiet tonight with just seven points on five shots. But, he also chipped in eight boards, four assists, and three blocks to go with no turnovers. With that eighth rebound Timmy passed Wes Unseld in all-time regular season rebounds, putting him 11th on the list. Kevin Garnett is next on the list with 400 more than Tim.
  • Tony Parker wasn't as good as he was against Dallas on Sunday. He went 3-for-11 from the field and finished with seven points and five assists in his 22 minutes.
  • Kawhi Leonard has looked great since he came back. Tonight he was 7-of-10 from the field, he had five boards, three assists, four steals, and three blocks. This team is really good with Whi playing this well.
  • The Spurs blew away their previous season-high assist mark of 34 with 39 on 43 baskets, which is the seventh best assist to field goal ratio of all-time. And every player on the active roster had at least one. This team is so easy to root for.