What is a Nugget?

What is a Nugget?

A nugget - a lump of precious metal such as gold

- anything of great value or significance

- a piece of important or impressive knowledge

- the name of an NBA basketball team

In military aviation terms, a nugget is a new member of the squadron, someone who has been added to the unit to make it better or continue its excellence. A squadron cannot survive without the addition of nuggets. They help keep things fresh, learning from the current personnel, carrying on the traditions of the group and sometimes adding to the lore.

While it is true that some of the standing members of a squadron don’t always immediately warm up to the nuggets, most do and eventually nuggets stop being nuggets. The nuggets become welcome members of the unit and can contribute as much as and sometimes more than others.

The thing about it is this: EVERYONE was a nugget at one point.

The same is true to PTR, I was a lurker for a very long time. I had read the articles and game threads, thoroughly enjoying the banter (both basketball and otherwise) since I discovered PTR shortly before Manu broke his arm in 2011 ... whimper

Several times I wanted to jump in and comment, but I didn’t want to intrude. Finally, on March 1, 2013, for whatever reason, I made my first post. I was welcomed!! I was a Nugget. Granted, watching the game, reading the comments and trying to write my own comments in a timely manner was a bit overwhelming at first. But if I had questions, they were answered by other Pounders who were happy to help and never made me feel like the idiot I knew I was being. The first rec I received was so exciting for me.

Since then, I have made thousands of comments (most of which are TIMMEH!, MANU!, V3RD3!, GOL ,or TWSS) and enjoy sharing the games with fellow Pounders. I find it fascinating that people from all over the world get together for a couple of hours 82 times a year (during regular season) to enjoy the Spurs. And that we have the ability to go stark raving mad together during the playoffs.

There are all kinds here, too: Stat lovers, fans of a particular player or country, visitors from other teams and (like myself) fans that love the game but get lost in the numbers. I've actually learned more about the game of basketball since reading PtR (defense runs plays? whoa), and liked learning.

Amazingly, we all get along. Well, except for one type of fan: The obnoxious "I’m always right and you’re wrong" guy/gal, who is then usually advised of the "back up your statements with actual facts, remember to be civil, or be gone position" held at PTR.

Your opinions are welcome so long as you respect the fact that others might not agree with you and might wish to discuss the differences in a civil fashion. And keep off the subject line. ;)

So, I say all that to say this, "COME ON LURKERS!" break the ice and chime in!

We’re done playing Denver for the year, and we need some Nuggets!

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