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Opponent Game Thread: Nuggets vs Spurs

Two games, same opponent, one post.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

As the Spurs faced the Nuggets on consecutive games, both Opponent Game Threads were combined in only one post, just for fun.

For the first one, there was no official Game Thread at our sister blog Denver Stiffs. However, they used their Game Preview as an emergency Game Thread. So let's take a look at their comments from the first game:

* * *

Looks like the Spurs aren't missing :p
by Russscot

Ball movement is pretty good tonight
But then, so is the Spurs
by Russscot

Considering how well the Spurs shot that quarter, I'll take that score.
by Russscot

Chandler out too huh?
by Die Schwarzgelben

9 players abailable!
by Russscot

If we get under 9 can we rent a player from another team?!
by Die Schwarzgelben

I do hate watching the Spurs complain to the refs at every whistle that goes against them.
by DomP

Moz didn't even try there
just stood and watched Splitter, I guess I shouldn't single him out though, no one else on the Nuggets is playing defense tonight.
by RockyMountainWay91

Man... that really was a great fake by Diaw.
by Russscot

by Russscot

omg we're only down by 9 now
by PurpleToPurple

DAYUM how'd we get back in this thing?
whoa down only 4 now? no way! haha
by InboundingLobPass

Man... what a block by Leonard, unfortunately
by Russscot

Nuggets fought back
how can you not be hopeful of this team next year?
by CombatChuk

Spurs moved the ball amazingly.
It's obvious that they're very comfortable in their system, and always know where should be. It kind of reminds me of when Manning is really clicking in the passing game. The ball comes out before the defense has any chance to make a play, and it's right where it needs to be. The receiver is where he knows the ball will arrive, and arrive on time.
by Russscot

* * *

And here’s the second Game Thread:

We won!
(the tip)
by Russscot

I have never seen anyone miss as many dunks over the course of their career as I have Moz
by DeezNuggs

Belinelli needs to just go away somewhere...
by InboundingLobPass

Arthur's shot is off.
Belinelli's however, isn't.
by Russscot

kawhi is one of my fave players
by nugznazty

This game has turned into a joke
way to show up guys
by alex47666

We're up by 20?!?!?!
I Love Blowin' Out The Spurs! Whoo-Hoo!
by InboundingLobPass

Wait, what?
We are down by 20
by SDcat09

if you believe hard enough we can change the world!
by InboundingLobPass

They can't miss from three, and we can't even make lay ups
by Russscot

so I see the Spurs will never lose again
by TyLawsome

by InboundingLobPass