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Danny Green out tonight versus Nuggets

Green will miss the game with right foot inflammation

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs have announced Danny Green is out tonight:

Spurs guard Danny Green (right foot inflammation) is listed as out for tonight’s Spurs-Nuggets game at Denver.

This was to be expected. Despite the MRI showing no damage, it was unlikely Green was going to suit up after experiencing pain so sharp it didn't allow him to walk on Wednesday. Giving him some rest now seems like a wise decision, considering the Spurs will need Green to be in top shape for the final stretch of the regular season and the playoffs. He was already battling pain on his wrist and the type of injury he is suffering now can only be healed with rest.

Hopefully Green will return to the starting lineup soon. But the three game lead the Spurs have over OKC in the standings could allow Pop to keep him out until he heals. Considering that the official diagnosis was not plantar fasciitis and that he made the trip, the injury might not be as serious as it initially seemed. But the fact that he is missing games is an obvious cause for concern.

There's no word yet on who will take his place in the starting lineup but considering the Nuggets start a small shooting guard in Randy Foye and how Pop usually tries to keep the rotations intact whenever possible, my money is on Cory Joseph.