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Gregg Popovich's candid interview with Fabricio Oberto

Fabricio Oberto visited San Antonio earlier in the year and had a great sit down with Gregg Popovich, talking about Pop's scoring in his playing days, "pounding the rock", foreign players and so much more.


I love Fabricio Oberto and so should you. On top of being the type of defensively-oriented, high BBIQ, selfless player that the Spurs have always loved to have around, Fabricio seems to be a genuinely good guy. Shortly after being traded to the Bucks a heart condition forced him to retire, but he took it in stride. He's one of those guys that know there is life after basketball and had a lot of plans and ambitions that went beyond his playing career.

One of those ambitions was to work in television. And he achieved that goal earlier this year, when his show "Lado Oberto" debuted in Argentine sports network TyC Sports.

Fabricio has interviewed a lot of people for his show, ranging from Eva Longoria and members of Pearl Jam to his former teammates in both the Argentine national team and the Spurs. But perhaps his greatest get was this sit down with non other than Coach Pop, the Extraneous G himself.

In this video, the usually attention-averse Pop gives one of his former players a 13-minute interview filled with great little nuggets.

Of course Pop being Pop, he calls Fabricio out for cheating and asking one extra question. But the affection between the two is obvious. And Pop earned extra good will from me because he was able to understand Fab's barely intelligible English.

My favorite part has to be when Pop mentions that Timmy complains about always going to the restaurants Manu likes when they are on the road. But "the ugliest bucket ever" anecdote is a close second.