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Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs 76ers

If was the kind of game that everyone was expecting a 50-point blowout (which didn't happen) but no one expecting 22-points from Austin Daye (which did happen).

Some Pounders (icewater and SpursFanTN) went to our sister blog on the SBNation network to chat with the fans over at Liberty Ballers, and I must say that people over there recieved them well and they had a very nice talk.

Let's take a look at their Game Thread to see what they had to say about last night's game:

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I wonder that the odds are of Philly winning tonight?
by AAKing23

Outright? It's 17 to 1 for Sixers Money Line (+1700)
Spurs are -4500 (basically 1 to 45) to win outright (have to bet $4500 to win $100 on the Spurs outright)
by udkyle

Spurs are just getting good looks everytime
by iladelphia

How is this game still this close lol?
by AAKing23

Austin Daye is gonna have a big night
These types of players always kill us
by AAKing23

Spurs are getting pretty easy penetration into the paint
by iladelphia

All of the sudden it's a 17 point deficit. Looks like another 40+ point blowout.
by tst29

Halfway through the 2nd quarter the Sixers have scored 3 points. Haha
by iladelphia

one day it'll be the opposite.
by secondroundpick

Halfway through the 3rd quarter, the Sixers have scored 2 points=
by devbrian

When I passed the game earlier it was 24-26, next time I look it was 20 points down in like half a quarter, glad I got back to the real world of my Sixers!
by noari

The Spurs' interior passing is so damn sexy
by iladelphia

I get chills remembering the rumor that ET was on the Spurs radar, if they can make Daye look this good, hmmm...
by noari

We haven't played all that bad today but it's just the lapses on D and the Spurs O doesn't bode very well
by AAKing23

Well we got to watch the other team play some good basketball
by iladelphia