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Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs Warriors

Operation: California Cleansing is complete and the Spurs come back with 3 wins and more counter-intelligence. Let's check out the enemy perspective.

Warriors nation may be getting a complex about playing the Spurs. As you’ll see, their opinions are low on a few players, they are still down on their coach and they still have plenty of respect for our team. The funny thing is, as I watched the game, I was thinking their defense was smothering. They look like a team you just don’t want to meet in the post-season. Yet, you look at their comments and they have an entirely different view. Amittedly, I was filtering through for Spurs talk, they may have no issues facing other teams. As far as our Spurs are concerned…I have no such low -pinion issues. Let's see what they had to say, or you can go see the entire conversation here: Golden State of Mind.

* * *

Spurs starting five will not play. DNP-Old.
by ferrariford2

We should win this. No Tim Duncan, Manu, and Parker.
by ferrariford2

Spurs could win this by playing Pop, 1 vs 5.
by ferrariford2

God, I would trade my left [buddy], Harrison Barnes, 1st round picks for Kawhi Leonard. This guy is so freaking good.
by ferrariford2

Barnes has no chance against Kawhi
by starbury_to_s-jaxci2000

Spurs gonna kill us
by Andrew7744

Spurs are #1 in three pointers!
by yoshifan

i call game.
by alisial3

theres that Patented Golden State defense that would "suffocate" the Rockets
and you cant even stop the Spurs backups. Classic!
by H&Hguy

Spurs ridiculously good...
since kAawai back they been on a serious roll.
by Dreamcatcher

And we're all watching this willfully....
by 123707THIZZ

Warriors / Spurs first round playoffs would be interesting
by Dreamcatcher

A really interesting four games for sure
by 123707THIZZ

I wish Barnes would take some notes from seeing how Kawai plays
THATS how you have a presence on the floor.
by Dreamcatcher

who is Kawai?
by Bobbita

spurs plays are totally kawaii
by richstyle

I'm thinking of changing Black Falcons nickname
I think ‘Kawai Leonard light’ is appropriate, or kawailight
by SaveMeJeebus

Fans in this thread star-struck and baffled by veteran elite team Spurs
so am i
by Dreamcatcher

We actually looked like we had an offense on that play
by IQofaWarrior

Is Mark getting "His Pop on?"
by Baysports4life

Oh god. I had erased that stupid quote from my mind.
by jv209

How are we losing?
Bball newbie here. I just turned on the game, but i know Duncan and Manu aren’t playing. Didn;t this happen last time we played them? He sat the older stars and they still kicked our ass. Is Pop really that good of a coach? Is it his system?
by adoan33

San Antonio Spurs is the best team in the last 20 years. That's why we are losing.
by ferrariford2

So Jackson must like what he sees since the only timeout was taken by Pop!
by buky

IMMEDIATELY, Pop calls time
You see that, MJ?
by IQofaWarrior

jackson waits for a sign from god to call timeouts
by Wreckonized

to put in guys like Crawford and Speights?
what do you mean the Spurs don’t have players like that?
by sam23

Comparing the Spurs and Warriors:
Popovich: King
Jackson: Plebeian

Warriors and other inferior teams to the Spurs: filthy hoops peasant
by yoshifan

hahahahahhahaha why was Parker grabbing his face?!
by 123707THIZZ

the arm bone is connected to the nose bone
by IQofaWarrior

Monster Kawhi rebound
by IQofaWarrior

kawhi's giant hands has its own gravity and sucked that ball back into him.
by richstyle

I guarantee if players played for Coach Pop they wouldn't be smilin after turnovers
by iHypeTV

San Antonio Spurs ball movement is like watching a natural pron where couple loves each other. No fake "O", just love with synchronization of sex. Just amazing.
by ferrariford2

God darn Parker
by IQofaWarrior

only Parker can pump fake in blind mid-spin
by starbury_to_s-jaxci2000

Tony Parkour [How did we not think of this? Or did we?]

Danny Green's face. Annoying.
Only me?
by Bobbita

can only beat the Spurs when they play everyone
by starbury_to_s-jaxci2000

Well this was a disappointing loss
by dandubz