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Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs Kings

Do you know what happens when the Spurs shoot 39% from the field and 20% from the 3-point line? Yeah, they win by 20, of course. Here's what Kings fans from our sister site, Sactown Royalty, had to say about the game last night as they watched.

It was an ugly, really ugly game for the Spurs last night. But if you say that it was the ugliest game of this winning streak, and in spite of that they won by 20, what should be the bottom line? I really have no idea, maybe the Kings really wanted to lose this one and it didn't matter how bad the Spurs had played, they would have played even worse.

Anyway, let's take a look at their game thread:

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What can we lose but the game?
Go, Kings.
by gallo del cielo

It's a nice 1st quarter
by fccpw

at least we are down 1 only
by HongKongKingsFan

This just in . . .
. . . The Spurs are really good.
Now, back to our game.
by gallo del cielo

Spurs' ball movement is just
by HongKongKingsFan

Lol again
Why is Travis Outlaw in?! This is the most blatant form of tanking I've seen. The only team better than us at it is probably the Sixers.
by Kentrell Jackson

Splitter has scored 11, not a good sign
and we are still struggling on the line
by HongKongKingsFan

They got an interesting stats
When Splitter got 10 or more points, Spurs win 20-0
by fccpw

If Splitter were a King, he would never play.
by gallo del cielo

I don't know about that
He wouldn't be Aaron Grey, but he might be Jason Thompson. The Spurs signed him to $35M? I don't doubt them enough to say he would not play.
by betweentheeyes

It ain't Splitter I'm against!!
It is the inability of the Kings to create slots for niche players like him !!!
Sorry I'm shouting !!!
by gallo del cielo

Would you rather see the Kings lose to everyone but the top playoff teams or have them beat the clubs that equal or worse records for the rest of the season?
by betweentheeyes

Is hating on the Spurs
The NBA equivalent of hating on Duke for reasons other than them being fundamentally sound?
by Hit4TheCycle

If you hate the Spurs, prepare to face the fear from Coach Pop
by fccpw

some bilateral awful shooting
The Spurss at 36% the Kings at 39% - yuck and yuck. Why are the Kings down by 10?
9 more FG attempts, 6 more made FTs by San Antonio
by betweentheeyes

and Spurs are the better team
by HongKongKingsFan

The officiating is blatantly horrible.
by Reke_Havoc13

Spurs keep trying to hand us the game but we just refuse to take it...
by JBmo

Not today
Spurs just dominate defense
by fccpw

We really suck
by MJMJ725

Because we're being outclassed by a veteran team with an 11 game winning streak?
by drock1331

No, because we make stupid mistakes on a daily basis and can't even run a simple fast break
Does that help?
by MJMJ725

the game is offically over
by HongKongKingsFan