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Game Links: Spurs at Lakers

It got close there heading into the fourth, but make it 11 in a row. Here are your game links from Wednesday's matchup in Los Angeles.

Game FlowShot Chart

Standings: The lead in the West is 2 games. The end of the season can't come soon enough.

Player Tracking: In the last game against the Lakers, Tim Duncan only traveled 1.0 miles. In last night's game he traveled 4.1 miles. Conclusion: we need more blowouts.

In his post-game interview, Pau Gasol mostly talked about the greatness of Duncan and how his game allows the other Spurs to be better.

Dan McCarney notes that not only are the Spurs unbeaten when Tiago Splitter scores in double figures, they are actually 27-0 when he scores at least seven points.

In his post-game writeup over at Project Spurs, Paul Garcia takes a look into the 11-game winning streak and nine players' performances since the all-star break.

Silver Screen and Roll writer harrison24 writes that Ryan Kelly, the 48th pick in a very weak draft, had no business playing as well as he did against the Spurs.

Report Card Grades: Everybody gets passing grades while Trevor Zickgraf writes about what didn't show up in the box score which was the fact the Kawhi Leonard shut down Xavier Henry in the second half.

ESPN's True Hoop page takes a look at the Spurs' relationship with HEB and their hilarious commercial legacy. Indubitably.

Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes wrote an article talking about how the Spurs are showing the NBA what greatness looks like. It's that time of year when everyone re-reminds themselves of this fact.

Dan McCarney took a look at Ginobili's throwback impact and how the rest of the team gets better when he's on the court.

In the Sandwich Hunter's latest post, Matt Bonner focuses on the nostalgia of sandwiches. This has got to be the best sandwich based blog written by a professional athlete that I've read in weeks.

The next matchup for the Spurs is against the Kings, who's latest win came in an OT thriller against the Wizards.