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J.R. Wilco's AMA on Reddit today

Michael Dodge

I'll be hanging out on Reddit today, doing an AMA: Ask Me Anything post, so swing over there to post a question, or just see what's happening.

One of the best things about the egalitarian nature of the internet is the way that great ideas rise to the surface. SBNation's platform is an excellent example of this in the way that users can "rec" or recommend comments to the stories so that the best stand out in green.

Reddit's entire structure is set up so that the best is always rising to the top. I think it's an excellent forum, and I'm looking forward to answering questions over there today.

So hop on over and ask whatever you'd like to about the San Antonio Spurs, their championship chances this year, what it's like to cover an NBA team, manage an SB Nation blog, edit constantly, write occasionally, be married to an artist, raise five kids, live in Texas, and try to keep up with all of the great TV that's currently being produced.