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Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs Lakers

Lakers came to San Antonio only to be officialy eliminated from the Playoffs.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

We knew it, they knew it. Maybe some of them were waiting for a miracle, like the one that happened against OKC, but most of them were prepared for what was going to happen last night.

And you could see it in their Game Thread. Let's take a look:

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I guess a spurs fan will kick this off.
Good luck out there lakers!
By Daniel_v120

LOL, don't you have a Spurs thread to go on Daniel?
By Lakerchariot

I thought i would get a different perspective.
slightly disappointed right now, but also amused.
By Daniel_v120

Yeah this thread is pretty quiet so far...
By Lakerchariot

Boy, our "opponent's comments" segment is gonna be roaring.
By Daniel_v120

[Daniel, you have no idea how much I enjoyed this]

2 people in this game thread, well 3 now that I'm commenting
Hahahahah wow this is crazy
By Hdg23

Maybe everyone has something better to do on Friday than watch this game...
By Lakerchariot

Screw you Boston!
C'mon Orlando at least you can pull out a W today
By PatraillyFTW!

[Well, it looks like they're tanking... how many of you thought this would happen someday?]

We held them to under 30 points
By Hdg23

Yup, looks like Pops going to stick with the bench the rest of the game
By Lakerchariot

And so far their bench is destroying us
By Hdg23

mercy rule in the first half
pls stahp
By theshmoes

HAHAHAHAHA haha hah ha
sobs uncontrollably
By theshmoes

I love how efficient our tank has become
I remember when we had to worry until the 4th if we would pull out the L, now we finish the games by halftime.
By sumo390

And with this loss
We are officially eliminated from making the playoffs (if that was ever in doubt)
By Hdg23