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Opponent Game Thread: Spurs vs Blazers

Today we will take a look at Blazers Edge's Game Thread and see what Portland's fans had to say about this game.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Blazers came to town for their last meeting in this regular season. The Spurs had a good 1st quarter, and after that (and an ugly hit for LaMarcus Aldridge), the game was never close.

The Blazers are one of my favorite teams in the league, and they have a great blog where they're very respectful of their oppenents.

So let's see what happened during their Game Thread:

* * *

I feel nervous about this game
Even though we play well against SA. Who knows what will happen. With no Mo and Joel, our bench vs. their bench should be quite interesting....
by benjamin.

I forgot what winning feels like.
by Chuck Norriss

tony parker doesn't age
by CroRupt

I haven't tuned-in yet and now I'm afraid to.
by MiledAnimal

it hurts to watch LMA.
if he's injured, sit out! he's hurting the team.
by CleBlazer [I just hate that feeling when you think "this is gonna end bad" in the middle of a game.]

Wait what?
We're ahead?!
by Idog1976

Ginobili used to have a lucious head of hair
by CroRupt

Spurs' bench is sooooooooooo deep
by path torchers

Let's go ahead and give Ginobili room, too
by SlickRick1987 on Mar 12, 2014 | 7:05 PM reply

Guys chill
It's part of the game plan. The bigs are gonna switch onto all 3-point shooters. And the guards will switch onto their bigs when they post up. WTF
by BlazersDiaspora

Our bench just got spanked.
by BlazerRoddy

So maybe we'll lose by 20 instead of 22!
by axel360

Let's get Patty back. There, I said it.
by annthefan

Everything the Spurs do looks smooth and easy
Everything the Blazers do looks forced.

by Begins

If the Blazers were a character in Braveheart, which character would they be?
by heybabydrinkyourmilk

mel gibson
by colbymac

Maybe during the last scene when he was getting tortured in front of everybody. . .
Mel didn't give up either.
by heybabydrinkyourmilk

look at it this way, the bulls were losing to them
51-19 last night. Portland isn't that
by Carthage on Mar 12, 2014 | 7:56 PM reply

OH NO, not again LA
by colbymac [I really hope he gets better soon. I want to face the Blazers in the Playoffs]

LaMarcus hurt his hip again!
Now quit showing replays of it! Aaaaaaaahhh!!! I can't watch I can't watch!!
by Steve Postfontaine

Down only 8
But I feel like it's 100
by broys4thquarterPER

Popovich might be the best play caller in the league.
Its almost unfair how well he sets his guys up to get the best shot possible.
by lightskin350

"Play well." - Pop then walks away.
by broys4thquarterPER

I hate Patty. But I love him at the same time.
by Blazing Chargers

Where does Pop rank on greatest in-game coaches ever?
Obviously has had great personnel, but never like Phil did with Mike/Shaq/Kobe. I've never seen anyone turn players into more than the sum of their parts more effectively than he has.. It's so remarkable.
by broys4thquarterPER

Belllineli yet another Spurs reclamation product.
Sigh. No franchise does it better.
by BlazersOrBust

I wonder what's it is like
To have a player you can count on at every position, every single minute, of every game. The life of a Spurs fan. I groan when we have 2 starters out. And half of the time Batum or Matthews is so off that he may as well not be out there either.
by broys4thquarterPER

I don't know if Mills is a Free agent or not after this season
but if he is he's going to get some cash from someone. Seems like a completely different player. I know the system helps but he's much better.
by Begins

If you don't count their players, coaches and front office personnel, we're every bit as good as the Spurs in every facet of the game.
by RipCityLifer!